4 Simple Methods To Multiply Your Income And Sales

I want to show you four powerful steps to multiply your income and sales online and expand your reach as you’re building a better and more powerful system….


This is a two-part lesson. If you prefer Videos, you can click here for Part I, then you can click here to watch Part 2, provided by my mentor, David Wood, founder of Empower Network, or continue reading the following transcript:

David Wood:

How can you dramatically multiply the money that you’re making without adding anything? Over the past few years I’ve learned how to take an existing, proven sales process and incrementally increase it’s power to extract commissions and multiply profits by applying strategic thinking, conversion optimization, and multi­lingual expansion in a progressive and systematic way.


Applying these expansion systems in have allowed me to create traffic that grows in a steady pattern without any more work, tap into new markets and take the same products and dramatically extend my reach beyond what was possible only a few years ago. 


How do you get started?


Creating a “profit expansion” machine online begins by simply having something that works and can sustain it’s own daily and monthly sales production through systems that produce something I call ‘viral sustainability’ for those of you who have been through the training in our 6 ­Figure Builder’s Club.


What is the first income “breakthrough” you have a goal to achieve?





Without revealing the core of our most coveted, secret strategies that you’ll learn inside of The Total Shortcut System what I’ll tell you is that the simple explanation for this concept is simply creating a traffic process that sustains itself from the traffic that you’re generating.


What do I mean?  I mean that if you can create a viral sustainability process you can make one new visitor turn into at least one new visitor ­ meaning if you generate 100 clicks to your website the activity by those people who click creates action based responses that result in 100 more clicks… ​perpetually sustaining your sales and traffic from your visitors.​


Years ago I sold a course on perpetual traffic systems and took it off of the market and we currently teach it inside of our products in a simple and dynamic way that works with lots of people.  More on that later… in my opinion this should be the first concept that overlays on top of what you’re doing because if you can’t sustain your sources of traffic it doesn’t matter how good your funnel works, your profits will eventually go down.


What’s the next step in a process?  Simply put it’s to make it to where the traffic system that you’re using profit in a consistent and predictable way whether it’s initiating your perpetual flow of visitors through paid traffic strategies, blogging, video marketing, or some other sort of ‘online hack’ …


… and when you’re in consistent profit what you can do is you can take these strategies I’m outlining today and strategically think through optimizing your sales and traffic processes piece by piece and realize:


Every single process that you improve will not just grow your profits by the percentage increase in that step… it will actually multiply them and feed into a multiplication of the profits you’re creating in the next step.


What are the current key metrics in your business (traffic, leads, recurring sales, total sales, total income, etc)?


HOWEVER… to do any of what I’m about to describe you need to focus on building your system, not just selling stuff.  If you are utilizing charismatic energy to sell things with no supporting infrastructure the second you stop your income and sales will collapse from the collapse of your energy, let me tell you a quick story to demonstrate what I mean:

Several times I’ve launched products and income creation systems to add to our portfolio of income streams for the members of ​The Total Shortcut System.​


Sometimes I’ve launched those things with a system that was already proven and generating an increase in sales all the way through.


Sometimes I’ve simply launched them from charismatic, ballistic sales energy with no supporting system infrastructure. 


In 2011 I launched a sales process built on top of a perpetual traffic system that sustained and multiplied itself through existing traffic sources, and all of the sales were sustained through automated behavioral response systems built into every process on our website. 


I then went on a “ballistic charismatic stampede” of sales creating new income and success stories and we did around a million dollars in sales our first month.


Here’s the interesting thing though…


That first 12 months following that million dollars (not the ‘biggest launch ever’ by any means) turned into the biggest movement in the info marketing space and did $30 million its first year as the traffic expanded to 50 million pageviews a month.


I collapsed from exhaustion about six months in and didn’t work that hard after that, yet the sales continued to ballistically expand… even better than when I was there.


How?  By applying these strategies on top of an existing infrastructure that was creating perpetual sustained traffic:

Quantum Leaps with 4 Simple Methods


Strategy #1: Create Behavioral Dynamic Responses In Your Sales Architecture


What do I mean by that?  Well if you have a simple sales video and then when someone buys they all experience the exact same thing it can work to a certain level.


However if you want to dramatically enhance your sales you want to have behavioral changes in that process that change when the behavior of your visitors change and create custom pathways of communication and sales depending on what they do or don’t do.


If you simply look through what you’re doing and ask… would I increase sales from this email if I sent a different response whether someone clicks or doesn’t click the link?


The short answer is that you need to test it. 


And “yes” playing with that idea and automated it absolutely will increase sales everywhere you do it.


Don’t limit that to email, although that’s a good place to start.  One of the things that doubled our sales was simple re-­emailing people that don’t open emails every day with a different subject line and a custom message that says something like “hey frank, did you get my email I sent? Here’s the message ­ I noticed you didn’t open it” ­­­ and then repeating the exact same email.


That alone doubled our sales from our daily promotion emails.


The more you can customize your sales responses, the more your sales will increase from the same amount of traffic.


Write at least 3 ideas that you can do to apply this strategy in your business:










Strategy #2: Split Testing Each Part Of Your Behavioral Response Sales Process


Once you have a system that is working in every part you can go through your entire sales sequence and simply try new things at each step that have a good chance of increasing conversions. 


If you look at ​this page​ for example, it’s on a custom coded content system that has context specific calls to action that are unique for every episode of The Daily Shortcut.


In other words, the PDF you’re reading right now is not the same as the previous show.  We give you a content specific workbook 5 days a week that specifically applies to the message you’re hearing.  In other words when you put your name and email in the form below you’re going to get bonuses that help you apply today’s message in your business ­ and that is true every single day as a part of our content marketing system that is just in initial expansion mode right now.


I suspect for example that putting a two step opt in right below this video will convert way more leads than our current process.  I also believe that dynamic social sharing mechanisms will create better sustainability and multiplication of the traffic ­­­ in other words it will more effectively turn one visitor into another one.


Why do I say “I believe” on that?


Because I haven’t tested them.  They are hunches based on looking at data that I won’t know for a couple of months.


But every single thing I slightly improve creates a multiplication in my entire perpetual sales process and improves everyone’s incomes in my system.


Write at least 3 ideas that you can do to apply this strategy in your business:











Strategy #3:  Moving The Same Content Across Increased Communication Modalities


Content is by far the most powerful marketing strategy online and it continues to work over a long period of time.  In fact, it’s the only thing that has worked basically the exact same way since the internet first existed.


However if you take the same content you can multiply the traffic you create from the same work by expanding the context in which it’s shared.


In other words, a lot of people create written content…. Or videos… or a podcast.


However you can create all of those pieces of content from one thing just by expanding your system and adding people who follow content syndication and promotion checklists ­­­ multiplying your reach from the same work.


The ‘general rule’ is if you’re creating content, you’re going to have superior reach if you share it in more ways.  You can take a video for example, transcribe it, and make a written blog post.


You can take a written blog post and create a mind map and a PDF workbook.


You can take that PDF workbook and turn it into a PodCast.


You can take that podcast and turn it into a PodCast site.


You can take all of those pieces of content and create traffic case studies that you then use as opt in pages to generate leads.


And you can take any of that and sell it.


In other words, ask yourself the question: “How can I take this content and multiply it’s exposure through increasing networks of people without increasing my work?”


When you think through all of your systems like that your success will begin compounding as you build a better and more profitable method of exposure.


Write at least 3 ideas that you can do to apply this strategy in your business:










Strategy #4:  Create Multi­Lingual Expansion Systems


Anything that you can do in one language can be done in five languages, or twenty and just adding languages in an internet business opens up new markets.


For example, The Daily Shortcut right now is just a content show.  However after the inital optimization of the show process and the Total Shortcut System you’re going to see some of the things already planned and scheduled, including:


A podcast rollout.


A youtube show rollout.


New content networks rolled out from the interaction and gamifying of this same process.


And multi­lingual expansion that will auto detect browser language and teach the same processes in Spanish, German, Portuguese, and more.


And every time our profits go up we will add new languages and behavioral responses all the way through.


And then you’ll see more than that.


I will take this single show that you’re looking at now and get a million people a day watching it in 24 months through these strategies, and also top secret strategies that we’ll be talking about as you pay attention to these episodes carefully and follow the continued process.


In other words, you’re seeing the “baby version” taking its first steps.


Watch, and learn as I do it with you and help you change your life and business while you make money at the same time.


Write at least 3 ideas that you can do to apply this strategy in your business:










So what do we do?


Well these things require growing teams of people and complex systems that continue to get more complex over time ­­­ however the user experience maintains and increases simplicity, social friendliness, and gamified action based traffic processes.


So we help people by doing all of that for them so they can just grow daily, follow a checklist of assignments that we release all day, and they can improve their sales, income, and business at the same time as they’re learning and growing their business.


A better way to grow income.


So let’s take action, and massively multiply your sales!


 Are you ready?IMG_20160424_170424641_TOP



You are an incredible human being and have the power to do great things.


What was your biggest takeaway from this episode?


Are you ready to build a business while having a life at the same time?





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