4 Ways to Change Your Results in Business

If you go through this, you’ll have everything you need to create a new way of life. 


“I did everything no one would,
to live a life no one can”.

A smart man once said, “I did everything no one would, to live a life no one can”. The lesson: your life is a direct result of your decisions and actions.


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Let’s get started.

#1 Call out B.S. Stop making up excuses why you can’t do things. You are responsible for your results. If you don’t like your current results, you need to accept responsibility and take action to change them.

#2 Stake your claim. Once you call out the BS and see life for what is really is, whatever you make of it, you can stake your claim. You can decide what kind of life you want to create. It starts with setting a goal. 

A lot of the time, people are waiting for approval. They’re not sure if it’s okay for them to make lots of money or build a business. They seek permission. They look for validation from others before they take action. But there’s something interesting about validation- it’s for employees. Entrepreneurs aren’t allowed validation. If entrepreneurs needed permission to create things, nothing would ever get created. 

People don’t like giving validation to other people to do things they’re afraid of doing themselves. Stop seeking validation. Decide what kind of life you want, and have the guts to go after it.


What have you sought validation for in the past?

What was the outcome?

#3 Start with “why.” There’s a great book called “Start With Why.” The premise of the book is before you start a business or do anything, ask why you want to do it. Unless you have a strong reason why you want to do something; you’re not going to do what it takes when the going gets tough. Things will get tough. The greater the goal, the greater the obstacles. What is your WHY for wanting to achieve your goal?

#4 Certainty, Belief and Expectancy have an incredible effect on the mind. When you believe and expect something, you see the world in a radically different way. The cells in your body virtually change.

So there’s this hypnotist (whose book I read), and he has this friend. The friend invited the hypnotist over for dinner one day. The friend told the hypnotist how his wife was afraid of him coming over. She thought hypnotists were kind of evil, and they would have complete control over her. She believed and expected that when she looked into the eyes of a hypnotist, she would instantly go into a deep trance. Now this belief was formed from a bunch of old fictional tales.

But the night came, and the hypnotist went over for dinner at the friend’s house. The friend opened the door, and invited him in. He told his wife the hypnotist had arrived, and she strolled over to meet him in great anticipation. She looked in his eyes, and passed out immediately, hitting the floor totally unconscious. Belief and expectancy do crazy things to people.

What do you BELIEVE will be your future one year from now? Write a detailed description here:



If you want to create the results you want, you need to believe and expect them to happen. If you believe a negative outcome is inevitable and you’ll never succeed; you probably won’t. You have to have absolute certainty in what you’re doing, total belief.

#5: Nurture the right mindset. You know what you want, and you believe and expect it to happen. Before you start working, you have to nurture the right mindset. Acting from a mindset of scarcity, for example – is a surefire way to never get anywhere.

Negativity and the law of attraction are actually really easy to explain. You have something called a reticular activating system, which controls what your brain focuses on every day. It takes your beliefs and values, and distorts the world around you to see what you want. But sometimes, what it thinks you want isn’t really what you want, because you’re focused on things you don’t want, like scarcity of funds, or doubts about your abilities.

It works like this. You have (give or take) 2,000,000 bits of information hitting you every moment. Consciously, you can only focus on 7 minus or plus 2 bits of information. All of the other nearly 2 million bits of information are ‘outsourced’ to your subconscious mind.

Your brain deletes, distorts and generalizes all of this information. For example, when you’re walking in a park and you see a snake, it may not actually be a snake. It’s just a stick. This is a typical case of generalization and distortion.

Now the 7 plus or minus 2 bits of information you focus on are controlled by your beliefs and values. Distorted or negative beliefs and values about money will result in you ignoring opportunities to earn money, as well as subconsciously sabotaging yourself some of the time.

If you believe rich people are evil and your values are to be good; you’ll subconsciously avoid making money without realizing it. Fascinating, isn’t it?

Without completely explaining the inner workings of the subconscious and its role in protecting you, while simultaneously messing up your financial freedom. I’ll say this… Creating the right mindset starts with changing the information you put into the mind. Like getting rid of your TV. Television can numb the mind and do nothing useful for you.

Television programs you to be average. It programs you to be a consumer of goods, whether “news” or commercial products. If you watch the “news” religiously, it’s filling your head with negativity, so you believe and expect more negativity.You need to get rid of mind-numbing BS from your life. Starting with ‘the idiot box’.

Start by changing what comes in through the five senses, and you’ll change how you see the world. ● Get rid of the idiot box. ● Start reading books by successful people every day. ● Listen to audios every day. ● Get around successful people. How many of these things do you already do/have already done?


4293729783_79290de99d_z (1)

When you change what comes in through the five senses, your reticular activating system in your brain shifts focus and starts looking for all the positives. Suddenly you start seeing the right opportunities, and at the right times – all of the time.

How else do you think successful people seemingly make the right decision all of the time? Most decisions are unconscious. A lot of the time the reason people aren’t successful is because they need an identify shift. Their old programming is still running their life. Like an elephant.

Not a lot of people know this, but grown elephants in captivity are kept there by a only short stake in the ground. When they were small, they tried and tried to get rid of the stake and couldn’t. After a while they stopped trying. Even though a grown elephant could pull it out any time they want to, they don’t because they still believe they can’t. You can change how you perceive the world right now, by changing the information you consume.



Where is your biggest area of improvement with your mindset?


Stay tuned for part 2 of this blog post and the fascinating way our mind works.

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