Abundance Through A Lost Mango Fruit

I have to relate this story of abundance to you.

For months, I have monitored the young mango tree in our backyard. (For your edification, I live in Florida.) This tree was only 5 feet high when we first moved in 2 years ago, and now it is over 15 feet with many long, healthy branches and leaves. It bloomed this past spring and sprouted tiny knobs of fruit, but all of them fell off early except one.




Oh, my hopes for this one mango were so high. I prayed every day that this one fruit would survive, grow, and become a succulent, juicy orange fruit that I love so much! I would sit on the back porch and gaze at it as it dangled about 10 feet off the ground, with dark green skin at first, then gradually taking on a pinkish hue, still hanging from one flexible branch beyond my reach.

After several weeks, the mango disappeared. Gone, vanished. I was stunned. I looked everywhere for it. There was not a trace of it anywhere.

I was heartbroken. I had such admiration for that solitary mango the young tree had nourished, nestled and nurtured – its first-born child you might say. It was a joyful process to witness, and I was so looking forward to tasting that mango, to enjoy its juicy succulence and fine summer flavor.

Two days later I traveled across the state to a chorus rehearsal in Fort Myers, 100 miles away. As chorus members arrived we chatted and laughed and sang many songs and traded stories about our summer vacations.

One member arrived bearing several plastic bags bulging with …. Mangoes! She had a tree bursting with fruit and was desperate to give them away so they wouldn’t go to waste. I took one of the bags home and have been enjoying my favorite fruit every day since.

Talk about abundance! I am truly blessed.4681858233_38b4272134_z

Thank you to the Universe.

2 thoughts on “Abundance Through A Lost Mango Fruit”

  1. It’s 12:47 a.m. Saturday, August 26th. I started reading your blog posts and came across Abundance Through A Mango Adventure. The title captured my attention and I knew I needed to ready the whole story. I kept reading and couldn’t wait to see if she ever found the only one Mango from her Mango tree. Instead she received as many mangos as she would like. Abundance ! Thanks Christy❤️

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