Are You Drifting Through Life?



In Napoleon Hill’s book “Outwitting the Devil” he says the devil’s purpose is to make mankind “drift” through life. He’s saying when we give up our ability and our enthusiasm for taking an active part in our own lives each waking moment, we tend to become victim to the habit of setting our life’s purpose aside.

Take for instance when we watch television. This activity doesn’t usually require active participation. We may become engaged emotionally, or in cases of educational fare or during some game shows I won’t name, mentally engaged. For the most part, however, television is pure entertainment and we can become habitual television watchers because of its convenience. We have temporarily lost sight of our definite chief aim in life.

Napoleon Hill intimates that each activity and thought should be weighed as either relevant or irrelevant to our definite chief aim. For my part, there are times when, after sitting through a particularly innocuous TV show, I berate myself for wasting time when I could have read a book and stimulated more ideas for my business or my passions.



Entertainment is wonderful and a necessary part of life, but it can take over a majority of our time. We can forget that pursuing our definite chief aim is what really recharges our batteries and gives us reasons to look forward to each new day.

Think of how Thomas Edison continued his pursuit of so many ideas and theories that he collected over 1000 patents in the United States alone. I venture to say that the number of patents he could claim was not Mr. Edison’s chief aim, but to pursue ideas that would advance the lives of his fellow men.

My dad, when he was living in a memory care facility, became bored a lot of the time. He could no longer venture outside without an escort, nor could he just get in the car and go. When I hired an aide to take him out to lunch and to ball games and movies, his mood improved so much and he kept thanking me for finding a companion to do this. He said, “Watching too much TV just turns your mind to mush.” And he was right. Why else do most people fall asleep while watching?


I rest my case.

Have a great day and do something wonderful for yourself and your life’s purpose!


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