Are You Sabotaging Yourself?

Are You Sabotaging Yourself?

What are some of the ways we sabotage ourselves from being successful?

I’d count them, except I don’t have enough fingers…

We allow ourselves to become overwhelmed with all the many choices we have in life, and we’d rather just grab a beer and plop down on the couch with some Cheetos. Who hasn’t told their school-age son or daughter to stop dawdling and get their homework done? Are we still acting their age?



I swear I have a rebel kid inside of me, the little girl jumping up and down and whining, “I don’t WANNA do my homework, even though it won’t do any good to whine. I never got any sympathy – my mother was intractable.

Viewing our goals, whether today’s goals or life goals, that pervasive instant gratification syndrome can poison our minds. We want what we want NOW, because we are putting in the effort; it’s all new; we think we should be rewarded. We also fear that what others say is true: our dream is just that – a dream – that we’re kidding ourselves into thinking we can really do this.

Deep down, we know the road to success isn’t a cinch, or everyone would be successful. We know it’s sometimes hard, or tedious, and long-lasting. Yeah, so we distract ourselves with something else. Perfectly normal.

The funny part is, distraction can actually HELP.



Sure. When we try to slog and push our way through our foul mood and do the job we need to do, we probably don’t do a very good job.

Certainly the job can take twice as long to do we probably make people around us miserable along the way.

So, a little distraction is a good thing. Set a timer for 30 minutes. Go for a walk, eat a quick heathy snack, watch a short funny video; listen to music.

Free your mind from the job for a few minutes. Being good to ourselves is a must. Replenishing our motivation and taking time to remember WHY we’re doing the job in the first place strengthens our resolve and gives us the energy to say, OK, I’m alright now and I can do this!

It turns our brains back on and we become dynamos.

By developing this little trick of allowing ourselves to regroup, we can then form other habits that add to our productivity.


The mantra I’m using today:

Take a Break and Move Forward.



Be your best at the moment,



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