Are You Serious?

ryan.gutAre you serious? I asked myself this
question before I started my own

For years, I felt that I did not
have the discipline or the smarts
to run my own business. I was
used to the 8-5 schedule of office
work. I was good dealing with
people, but working by myself?
Would I have the discipline to
not sit in front of the TV and watch TCM? Or Oprah?

I thought I needed to have the structured schedule to wake
up, get dressed, commute to a specific office where I had
my work equipment, my desk, computer, phone. I was a
good worker. People respected me. Many times I was
sought for answers or problem-solving. I loved working
on a team, and felt comfortable being the head of such
a team.

But after 20 years, I would arrive at work, push
around paper, talk with the same people day
after day; people who were looking forward to
5 o’clock; eat my bagged lunch or waste money
eating out, and I realized I was not happy.
Sometimes I felt dead inside.

It was one of those times when I thought: “Is this all
there is?” Am I trapped in this job, but ready to do
something else by noon? Something I enjoyed doing?
(I was even looking forward to going to the gym!)

I had two children in after-school day care. They hated
it; I hated having them there. But there was no alternative
at that time. When I had to work late it was even worse.
Now that they are grown, I’ve told them time and time
again that I wished I’d had the money to be home with
them after school. They tell me now that they can’t imagine
how I did it all as a single mom; they are so tired after
they get home from work all they want to do is sleep.

You do what you have to do. That’s how we are raised.

What we don’t hear frequently enough is that there
are decisions we need to make for ourselves where
nobody else can interfere. I realized that doing a
job that I didn’t enjoy was dumb. My health and
my mental well-being were being severely stressed,
and I saw no way out without doing something drastic.

This may not be the path for others, but I made a clean
break and moved to another city with my husband
and began the search for a life I enjoyed living.

I networked with other women, joined some groups to
get to know people who shared my interests, and discovered

I was with another direct sales company at the time
and it was suggested that maybe I should blog about
the products I was selling. One of my new friends
told me that EMPOWER NETWORK was all about
blogging and marketing your business online through
that blog. OMG! She became my sponsor.

Ask and you shall receive.

I have had more fun learning how to write a
productive blog and market it on social media,
run ads, buy Internet traffic, create a simple
web site, all without going broke in the process.

I was doing this for me and I was determined
to be successful.

I am.successful. I’m building a team of people
who also want to be free of the 8 to 5 rat race,
who want to set up their own business so that
it will continue to make money for you whenever
someone clicks on your site – even when you’re

Most important, and the reason why I
stuck with it, (because I had NO idea what I
was doing,) was that EMPOWER NETWORK
teaches you step by step how to do it. And it’s
not just one way, there are many ways to be
successful and I chose the one that I was
most comfortable doing.

No phone calls. No hotel meetings. No home
parties. I can work my business online and
meet clients and team members at the fabulous
EMPOWER NETWORK events! Talk about a
shot in the arm! The atmosphere is electric;
the training is stellar and you can personally
talk to all the leaders who are perfectly willing
to give you their tips and tricks.

It works if you work it, you build up your business
and then work smart and work less. We all
deserve a life that we truly enjoy. If  we are
not satisfied with the way things are, then
we owe it to ourselves and our families to
make a change.

I’m so glad I did. And I’ll be happy to help
anyone who wants to change their life, too.
There’s a free video below that changed my
life – take a look.

Do you want to change your life? Let me know
in the comments, or email me!


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