Attention Home-Based Entrepreneurs! Do You Want To See Success?

Part of the magic in life is we’re here for a reason. And we are all made for success.

If you think about it, you’ll remember some of the strange or unusual things that led you to this point. And here you are now.



Think about this. Before your existence there were miracles that led to your eventual birth. Think of the thousands of generations… All the people that died of malaria, black plague, wars, genocide, all the family lines that cease to exist, all the people that were killed while your family line survived and continued through a long long stretch of time.

You’re special; and all the coincidences that led you here…all the belief changes you had to have… all the things your boss had to say to you for you to even look on the Internet for another job… all the things your spouse said to you…

Perhaps you had to leave a job or a company; and your pursuit of something led you to read this article… perhaps the thing that you clicked on or liked on Facebook put you into a demographic group where an ad appeared that you clicked on …the fact that you clicked on the ad and looked at it and then started searching and then found somebody that you wanted to join …

You’re here for a reason. What I want you to do is dream bigger. I want you to open your mind. I want you to see an even bigger future. This is just the start.

This is way bigger. This is your dream that’s moving through time that’s way bigger than you… a dream of transformation…

…a dream where people light up on the inside and it changes their world on the outside …a dream where people who were going to kill themselves don’t …a dream where people who are so fed up with life they’re about to end it all and they decide to listen to an inspirational audio instead.

I believe you can do things that you don’t think you can, because you, too, can walk into that dream and it’s not anyone else’s. It’s all yours.


Here’s what I want you to do for a second. Close your eyes. Just step with me. We’re in a river. It’s like a wave of inspiration, a river running through time into the future, an ocean of prosperity.

Where are you in your dream? How big is it?

What does it look like?

What part do you play?

Just lift your hands up in the air and ask the universe, God, Higher Power, or whoever, and say, “Give me a vision that’s bigger. Give me a vision that’s bigger. Give me a vision that’s more grand. Give me faith to step into my future because I’m ready for it now because I have the power to step into that vision. I have the belief to create my new future because I am a visionary. I am the leader that I want to be. Tony Robbins assures us that we have everything we need within us.


What we do is we like to try to fit the universe into this box that we create. We try to make our breakthrough the one that we want.

We pretend we’re listening when really we’re just going through the motions so we can do what we were already planning on doing before we asked the question. We’re asking the universe to give us a new Ferrari but we never asked the universe to make it happen through us.


Some of you come with an attitude, “This is the last chance I’m giving it.”  You’ve already set yourself up for failure. You need to let go of the judgment that it might not work. “It’s working, it’s working!” That’s the attitude you want. It’s going to happen.

You don’t need to be like someone else because you are just as important as anyone else – we all fit together to make a beautiful vision

What you’re here for is your dream. What you’re here for is to learn how to operate within the gifts that you have.


You’re here to let go of your own garbage.

You’re here to stop fighting yourself.

You’re here to get around and to feel something different and not understanding it, go succeed anyway.

You’re here to realize you don’t need a secret because the secret’s inside of you.

You’re here to realize that your arrogance and your ego is not serving you.

You’re here to forgive yourself, to stop beating yourself up and to realize you are enough.

You’re here to realize you are gifted. You’re here to realize you are special.

You’re here to realize the box you’ve been fitting the universe in is starting to melt away and the unlimited box is much better.

What you’re here for really is to step into a miracle of a change inside. Whatever you’ve got in your head, whatever you think you’re here for, whatever ideas you had, presuppositions you came with, whatever vision you saw…

… you can accomplish greater things than that if you decide to let go of yourself and to step into the person that you know you’re destined to be.

I want to share with you the easiest way to expand your vision and to continue to build the strength of your mindset and confidence.

Are you ready?

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