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It’s been one of those weeks…



Something goes ‘thump’ in the garage.
When you investigate, you smell gas. You notice
that the pipe venting your gas hot water heater to
the outside has fallen off. You open the garage
to let the smell dissipate.

You call the gas company and tell them what happened.
They come out and shut off the gas. They can’t fix a
hot water heater vent; a plumber needs to do that. You
call the home repair service your landlord pays for and
wait 4 hours for a service tech to show up. He says he
doesn’t have the parts to fix the vent. He called another
tech but that tech can’t come out until tomorrow.

No hot water for morning showers.

You call the home repair company the next day.
They can’t tell you when the tech will be there –
sometime this morning, they say. After 1:00 p.m.
you call again. You’re next on the list, they say.
At 5:00 p.m. the tech shows up. He looks at the vent
and says “We don’t fix those.” He calls his boss.
His boss says “We don’t fix those.”

Back to square one.

No hot water for taking showers or washing dishes
or doing laundry. Bad mood is taking over.


What’s that have to do with business? Everything.

Everyone runs into a wall at some point. Entrepreneurs, employees, athletes, politicians, CEOs, laborers, and farmers all face setbacks, obstacles, debacles, frustrations.

But go back a little. Think of the day you started in business. (Or maybe you haven’t started yet.) You knew certain things were true:

  1. Thousands of people have made money blogging.
  2. You knew you were just as smart as they were.
  3. You were not naïve enough to expect that running a business will be all bunny rabbits and rainbows.
  4. You knew there was a lot to learn. Technology. Web sites. Blog platforms. Online marketing. Social media marketing.
  5. You knew caffeine will become your new best friend. Aaaaugh!

Nothing has changed. Think of your “Why.”

  • You really wanted to change your life.
  • Your inner artist was fighting to be heard;
  • You had creativity within you that wanted to get out.
  • You were excited to discover your true life purpose.
  • You knew you were meant to do something special, even if it meant changing your job and the way you earned a living.
  • You had dreamed about doing something different, and even if you started out not knowing what it was, you appreciated all those who had already made that leap.
  • You knew you’re intelligent, smart and you have the willpower to do what it takes to accomplish your dream.

You wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t believe these things. You’d be buying Lotto tickets, bingeing on Netflix, and vegetating on the couch.

3623648642_1082af2c93_zSure, there are rough patches – like learning new technology for instance (my bugaboo is sales funnels) chances are there are ways around those and people who can help you. Once you set your mind to get past these obstacles, help will show up.

For someone just starting a business and trying to figure out how to get an audience for their blog, or try and get a sales page just right or a sales-funnel to work, they can stop and change focus. Then get right back up on the horse – maybe armed with some information from a mentor or a coach, or a teammate, or Google.

Resources for Bloggers and Writers

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Created by one of my mentors, Michelle Shaeffer of GirlBloggerNextDoor!

Here’s another one of Michelle’s creations:

184 Ways to Magnetize Traffic To Your Blog

You can check out Michelle’s blog here.
She shares lots of guidance and instruction here from her years of blogging experience. 

So back to my crazy week. I said to myself, what would I be doing if this crap was not happening? I would be working my business. So I went back to the computer. I put one foot in front of the other and changed my focus from the inconvenience of having no hot water for four days, to ‘look at me I’m an entrepreneur working a business!’ Because I have no control of anything or anyone but me.


My advice: Say to yourself, “Will this matter 10 days from now, 10 months from now, 10 years from now?”

Or try and remember the blessings we’re grateful for – a roof over our head, food in the fridge, a working car, a business to run and a brain that’s all ours.

Then treat yourself: to a cocktail, or a massage, order takeout, (or celebrate that I have a beautiful lake in my backyard since it’s been raining for 5 days…)

You are not alone. In fact, you don’t realize how much company you have.5590776322_3c08539d2d_z

If I can do this, you can do this.

Just keep moving. There are only certain things we have control over- how we react.

By the way, I want my mommy.

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