Book Review: A Book to Get You Back on Your Feet

Book Review: Chapter 1 – The Impersonal Life

Rarely has a book provided solace and comfort other than the bible or spiritual text, at least for me. But when confusion and chaos and overwhelm are taking chunks out of you, I recommend the following book as a potential game changer for positive change in your life. The book is The Impersonal Life by Joseph Benner, which I gratefully downloaded from Amazon.

I was halfway through this book before realizing that it was written in 1914! Where had it been all my life? No other book has done more for my outlook than this one. It combines a totally different approach to a narrative philosophy of love and personal truth that leaves you smiling and feeling so much better. It was as if the author knew what I’d been living with the companions of self-doubt, second guesses, not to mention career confusion.

In Chapter 1, author Joseph Benner seemed to look into my mind and discover I’d been searching forever for my life’s purpose. To be specific, I’m someone who has glimpsed the truth about herself and my purpose in life, only to have it disappear again amidst the noise of the world and in my head. Benner even mentions my personal experience of finding a teacher/mentor that so inspired me that I followed his every instruction, only to witness the downfall of that same teacher, bankruptcy of his business and disappearance of a ton of my money.

The message of Chapter 1, in a nutshell, is all the answers we are looking for reside within ourselves – we are part of the divine Source as cells are part of a whole body. This message was written in a most loving way, as comforting as a mother accepting her child.

The chapter focuses on becoming aware, or “awakening” to our authentic divine selves, usually disguised and preempted by our self-serving egos, a purely human invention that tricks us into thinking of it as our protector against the evils in the world.

Most of us have been following our ego’s guidance since discovering we were  separate from our parents. The voice of our internal divine spirit became a faint whisper next to our ego’s strident warnings and directives based on fear and defensiveness.

At the conclusion of Chapter 1, our divine spirit invites us to learn more about how to awaken our divine self which will lead to happiness and peace within.


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