Are You Drifting Through Life?

In Napoleon Hill’s book “Outwitting the Devil” he says the devil’s purpose is to make mankind “drift” through life. He’s saying when we give up our ability and our enthusiasm for taking an active part in our own lives each waking moment, we tend to become victim to the habit of “drifting” through life.

Take for instance when we watch television. This activity doesn’t usually require active participation. We may become engaged emotionally, or in cases of educational fare or during some game shows I won’t name, mentally engaged. For the most part, however, television is pure entertainment and we can become habitual television watchers because of its convenience. We have temporarily lost sight of our definite chief aim in life.

Napoleon Hill intimates that each activity and thought should be weighed as either relevant or irrelevant to our definite chief aim.

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I Want To Show You How To Be Free

I want to show you the power that you have within yourself that will take you where you want to go. I want to introduce you to a whole community of entrepreneurs who have all different types of businesses, but by helping people on their team realize their dreams, they can be set free of the employee syndrome and really enjoy their lives.

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