Challenge Yourself

I’ve learned not to fear being challenged because
of how many times I’ve succeeded when I met daily
challenges. I learned not to ignore the little victories
that happen each and every day.

I’m not talking about getting out of bed, of course, 
although sometimes that really does feel like a victory.

Let me ask you this. Do you put together a ‘to do’ list for the next day? Or do you just have an extensive list that you refer to once in a while?

What helps me is a SHORT list of MUST Dos for the next
day, followed by a list of lesser priorities that I’d like to get
one that week.

This way, my brain can stay focused on what MUST be
done, and rejoice when I get to the secondary list.
By the end of the week. I pretty well have knocked off
that secondary list.

I call this being friends with myself.

Find out what works for you, and be very honest
what triggers distractions and interruptions
in your day.

Many people I’ve talked to find it very hard to keep
of other sites like Facebook, email, etc. Before
you know 
it, they’ve wasted 20-30 minutes of work
time or learning 

If this sounds like your day, I have a suggestion:
simply book
mark sites like Facebook or Pinterest,
but use them as your 
lunch break companions,
or something to refer to after your 
must items
are finished.

When I’ve scheduled an email to go out
to my leads, and posted to my blog, that’s
when I’ll check Facebook and LinkedIn, 

because I usually post to those sites daily. 

And, if you find yourself with an easy idea to
to your leads and post to social media,
write up 
another one while your brain is in the

You can post that one the next day or later the
same day.

The best messages I have read from my upline
and other 
leaders are items they have learned
from reading, 
webinars or classes that they
have paraphrased for 
application by their team.

One of the first things I learned was to follow
the Core 
Commitments of Empower Network.
Blog and market every 
day, Get to Events,
Read Every Day, Listen to an Inner Circle 
every day are the mainstays of this industry
they help you maintain the right
mindset for success. Without 
this mindset,
everything else seems harder than it really is.

At events you’ll find so many people in this
industry who are just like 
yourself, constantly
learning, having tried different methods 
marketing, or getting Internet Traffic, some
some abject failures.

I’ve learned so much from what they have
done and what worked 
for them and what
sounds doable to me. I mean, you won’t 
to do some things because your personality
recoils from it.

But, believe me, if you do what you love doing
and learn to do 
it and better and better and
consistently, you will start to get 
people to
follow you, listen to you and purchase products
from you.

What a joyous feeling!  I thank God I found
Empower Network 
and learned that even a
person who shies away from the word 
like myself, can encourage people to better
their own 
lives by buying the Empower Network
products and selling them 
to others. 

Who knew! I did it!

It feels wonderful to share the best techniques
for making an 
income without commuting and
having no boss but yourself
. I decide.

You can decide too.

Welcome to living the life you choose!


Christy Kelly

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