Counting Your Blessings Could Bring More!

    I was counting my blessings today when I opened a package that my friend gave me.  It was a beautiful knit top and jacket, Christmas red, with red sequins decorating the top and edging the jacket.  I will be wearing this on stage during a performance of my chorus, Spirit of the Gulf.   Recognizing a blessing in someone who cares enough about me to purchase an outfit that –

A.      Looks great on me

B.      Takes the pain out of shopping

C.      Is within my budget

D.      She will take care of returning if I don’t like it or it doesn’t fit

Thanks, my friend!

Other blessings included meeting people through Empower Network who have reminded me that I can –

1.       Do anything I set my mind to

2.       I am not doing it alone, that I can ask for help

3.       I can market myself and my business on the Internet without being a computer guru through Empower Network

4.       Even though I’m a Taurus I can learn patience in building my business

5.       That whatever I decide to do, that’s the right track for me

6.       Provide information about the Empower Network platform for free.

7.       How cool is that?

So what blessings have you identified in your life?

They could be obvious, or they could be not apparent at the moment, only to reveal themselves later in an Aha Moment, as Oprah says.

A Better World

   Loving acts like the ones I’ve experienced remind me that there are blessings surrounding all of us, we just have to recognize them.  Although many times my focus seems to gravitate on what’s missing, or what irritates me in my life, I can take time to count my blessings.  When I do, the world looks friendly once again.  If I just follow the good stuff; chances are that more good stuff will come my way.  First of all, with my mood elevated, I’m able to be productive, I’ll think of nice things to do for other people.  I’ll even be polite and courteous to strangers I meet throughout the day, even drivers who cut me off or are otherwise annoying. 


Wait, isn’t that making the world a better place?  Good deal!

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Christy Kelly

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