Do What You Want Before It’s Too Late

We hear this over and over, do what you want to do, find your life’s purpose, do what you love and the money will come. Easier said than done. Most of us felt lucky just to get a job right out of college or high school that gave us an income to sustain life, even if it meant you needed roommates or had to live with your parents.

Most baby boomers like myself were nearly in a panic in the ’70s because so many of us were in the workforce that jobs were not all that plentiful.  People never asked “What do you want to do?” Instead the emphasis was on “What are you able to do?” So, yeah, I was able to type 80 words a minute – whoopee doo.

Yep, a real antique – that was me.

If we are not doing what we love to do, it leads to all sorts of problems.  Why? Because we are meant to be happy human beings in this world. The purpose of this life is finding  what makes us happy, fulfilled, and eager to get up every day and do it.

People talk all the time about finding one’s life purpose, THAT’S IT! It’s finding and doing what you love doing. It means sitting down, meditating, journaling or somehow getting inside your head, beyond the always-chattering ego, to ask yourself what it is you’d do if you had no obstacles.

When you find that thing that you love doing and commit to doing it, all kinds of things will happen, not all of them good, but whatever:

  • That nasty voice inside your head might say, “Hey, what you talkin’ about? You can’t earn a living doing that.”
  • Other people look at you funny and think, boy she’s lost her mind. What is she thinking?


But don’t worry, this is normal. Know that when you find something that really cranks up your batteries and you decide to go do it, you will only see ways to get there. Pathways will open up, people will appear who can help you; if money is the problem, ideas will flash in your mind about money-making strategies that can be done now.

So when is it time to “do what you love?” Whenever you decide to. For some of us, (ahem) it’s after 25 years working for someone else, having a family and experiencing many types of jobs we think will do the trick.

Some people know very early on what they really want to do. My daughter was one of these. She knew coming out of high school that she wanted to be an architect. Today she’s an architect. Incredible! And so right for her. I was not so lucky; as an English major, all I heard was “It’s hard to get a job; are you going to teach? Where are you going to work?” Really, can you deflate me any more?

There were all kinds of things I thought I wanted to do. I wanted to be a news anchor, an editor, a scriptwriter. I was scattered all over the place. So I ended up just finding a job that made a decent income.

That was okay for awhile. But after working nearly 30 years at different jobs, I had fulfilled my income requirements, was vested for pensions, but I knew I hadn’t hit on what I really wanted to do. In some ways I was still waiting for my life to start. When the opportunity came to quit my job, I did.

Why do people quit? Everyone knows someone who has done this. I’m talking about quitting just to quit, not because they’ve found something better. A decision that’s made after much thought, pondering, considering all the pros and cons, and, once making that decision immediately feels relieved of a tremendous burden.

There are many reasons given for quitting:

  • They were overworking me
  • They weren’t paying me what I’m worth
  • There was no opportunity to advance
  • I wasn’t growing my skills but felt stagnant
  • The work environment was not supportive
  • The competition was giving me ulcers

But what’s the real reason? The job was not what they were meant to do. If they were meant to do it, the money wouldn’t matter, the people wouldn’t matter, the freezing office wouldn’t matter; they would feel fulfilled on the inside. And it’s the inside that counts in anything that we do.

Signature:baed3687aecc9fc02b05e033f52ab04b5ac34144c6f0702c4e0cfe36f9d34041Boy I felt so irresponsible! I was in my 50s for god’s sake, where was I going to work if this pursuit of mine didn’t work out? Panera Bread? Whoops, wrong thinking! Negative thinking only programs us to fail. I learned that in the first home business I started. I knew I wasn’t going to enjoy it when I got into it, but I let myself get talked into doing it for the money.

This experience led me to join a women’s business group, which led me to a mentor, who led me to blogging. See how it happens?

I discovered writing is my passion. Writing is what I know about and love doing; writing stuff to inspire other people; writing to make others laugh, writing about writing.

Could I make real money writing? I never thought so, because I wasn’t a Stephen King, John Grisham or Sue Monk Kidd. Once I got over this self-flagellation, I discovered that one of the ways to promote a business and sell products is blogging. So I started an online business as a blogger.

Money ain’t enough. Money alone will not bring you fulfillment and you can’t make it your life’s purpose. Everyone wants to make money, even lots of money. You have to know why you want to make money. What is it you want to do with it, I mean once you pay off your credit cards, buy that 70-inch screen TV and new car? What is it you want money for?

If you don’t figure this out, you’re going to end up years later saying, “Is that all there is?” Things don’t fill our souls or recharge our batteries or make us want to bounce out of bed each day, but, if the money you’re making is used to help other people, whether strangers or your own family, and what you’re doing to make money charges your batteries, you’ve hit paydirt. (Pardon the pun). This formula fills your heart and soul with happiness and makes you want to share that happiness with other people.



Now I’m having a ball, and I’ve joined a wonderful community who use blogging to promote their businesses, communicate with the world and fulfill themselves in ways I can’t explain. There are a lot of people doing this, and you know what? There are many more out there who are looking for what we have to say, teach, inspire, motivate.

Blogging is the way I stay focused on the good news in the world, sharing great messages from good people; people who have invented something, have a great philosophy of hope, who have faced great trials and made it through. People whom history has forgotten; ordinary people who have accomplished extraordinary things.

That’s how the world can change for the better. People get strength from each other, ideas, knowledge, inspiration and insight, through our stories, ebooks, seminars, in public speaking, or reading in cyberspace.


A friend of mind says that we’re here on Earth to plant seeds. If we have something to say, or if we have a product that will help someone with a problem and we share it, it’s a seed. It may fall on fertile ground, or it may lie dormant for a time, only to take root when the time is right.


You owe it to yourself to be happy, and the only way you can do that is to find what you want to do and commit to it. Don’t make obstacles change your mind. Human brains can make anything happen; that’s how powerful we are.

You can do this.

I believe in you.


PS If you want to find out how to make an income by blogging, shoot me a message below! Or message me on Facebook – @christykellysbusinesstips


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