Down with Negativity

Wouldn’t we all like to get rid of 
negativity in our lives?
Sounds like a no-brainer, right?

But do you realize that it’s up to us?

I can’t go out into traffic and start
driving, all calm and serene, and when
someone cuts me off, get all indignant
and angry.

That other person didn’t interrupt
my serenity, I did.

I used to tell my dad to calm down when he was getting all steamed up driving in DC traffic, and he didn’t understand that spouting off was not healthy, it was a habit.

No squashing!
Now, I’m not saying you should squash
those emotions down inside and hold
them in, there are things we can do to
release them without raising our blood
pressure to dangerous levels.

1. Make the situation part of your “music
video.”  That’s right, have music going on
in the car or if you’re not driving, on your
headphones or even just in your imagination.
When something happens to disturb your
inner peace, incorporate that emotional
response into your singing… “Jump, jump,
for your love. Jump-in! Jump, jump, for
your love!”

Before you know it, that bonehead driver
will be forgotten.

Bonehead driver deleted!

2. Another way to keep your serenity is to
take a brisk walk or some other form of
exercise. (This is not a favorite of mine because exercise is a chore for me, but it does work when I do it!)

Velly intellesting….. but stupid!

3. Anytime we hear somebody saying something
that offends us or ticks us off, just say, “That’s
an interesting opinion,” and walk away. Or, “I’ll
consider that.”  That’s all.

4. A friend of mine said that when another
driver cut him off, he’d say, “My friend is
having a bad day.” It always brought a smile
to his face.

There are many reasons why people live
with negativity. They may be afraid of
disappointment if they hope for the best.
Many use negativity as a conversation starter.
Gossipers give a juicy tidbit to somehow make
them feel superior to the other person;
or they want others to pay attention
to them; or third, they want to be seen as
an authority on the subject, or the person
“in the know.”

So, would you tell your children to read
the fan magazines to find out everything
there is to know about their favorite
celebrity? No!  So why would you make
time to listen to or engage in gossip about
other people?

Nature rules!

5. Get outside into nature. It helps to feel
“grounded” when surrounded by nature

 – waterways, birds, animals, clouds,
even thunderstorms. You know why?
Because nature adjusts and manages
to go on about its business no matter what

There’s a favorite line I read in a translation
of the Tao Te Ching that says, “The sun
never says to the Earth, ‘You owe me.’”
It shines on, no strings attached. Positive
thought and words don’t cost anything to
give away.

We can give the gift of serenity to others
by simply not reacting to the disturbances
around us. We can become like a young child
who thinks nothing about holding a door open
for an older person, or asking someone if
they need help when they’ve lost something.

Repeat the good stuff

I repeat to people touching stories I’ve heard
about people paying for the person behind
them at the tollgate, the person who stayed
with someone taken ill until help arrived,
ones helping someone find a product in a
store, and I repeat these to other people
to spread the news about the goodness of
humanity and our world.

          What we think about most
        is what we attract to ourselves.

An easy thing to remember when trying
to create a positive and joyful atmosphere.

I stopped watching TV evening news
years ago because it usually depicts a
world full of crime and evil. Most people
in the world are not this way. That’s the
world I want to be an active part of.

We need to be the way we want the world to be.


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