EBOLA – Oh No!

Okay, what part of the Ebola virus do health care
officials not understand? To allow a health care 
worker to get ON A PLANE after treating an Ebola 
patient in Dallas? Come on!




Immediately there are multitudes of people this
particular nurse came in contact with between 

Dallas and Cleveland. The AIRPLANE itself
went to several OTHER cities, including MINE
thank you very much.

Just think, I used to be concerned with fellow
plane passengers who were sneezing or coughing.
In fact, I used to be concerned with terrorists. 

I’m not the panicking type, but after 4000 deaths in Africa, I wonder if maybe we’re too CONFIDENT
about this thing?

In a world where millions of people died from bubonic plague over 600 years ago, I believe we’ve become a little too cocky when it comes to viruses, parasites and other infectious maladies.

(Did you know that bubonic plague was never eradicated
– that it was a serious challenge

even in the 19th century?)

Is there a possibility that this Ebola virus could mutate? Maybe even alter the incubation period?

I mean, are we 100 percent SURE it takes 21 days for the disease to express itself with symptoms, and that it is not contagious until these symptoms appear? What if it’s early?

I believe that anyone, and I mean ANYONE, who has had contact with a patient exhibiting symptoms
of this disease should not be allowed to travel on public transportation until the known incubation period (21 days) has passed.

Maybe when the world community has access to the serum that cured several persons who were exposed in Africa, we would not have to be quite
so cautious.

I’m not holding my breath.
Except maybe on an airplane.

Christy Kelly
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