Empower Hour Tonight! August 4!

It was a frightening day…

A day and a decision that would stop most folks 
dead in their tracks forcing them to surrender to
a 9 to 5 job to make ends meet.

Bankrupt and with less than $100 to their name
this couple took a deep breath and decided to
invest their final dollars with hopes of making it

The result?

They earned a whopping $250,000 within their
first year.

Fast forward to today and they have earned
over $500,000+ putting them as one of our 
top earners in the company.

(Results not typical. Please see our full 
income disclaimer here.) 

… And it all started with the decision to invest$100 and the commitment to make things work.

Oh, and the couple who did it?

You’ll get to meet them tonight 🙂

I’ve invited Kevin and Melissa Knecht to join 
us live tonight at 9:00PM EST on our weekly
Empower Hour call to share a true “rags toriches” story…
Dial in here: 209-255-1040 at 9:00PM EST
You’re going to hear how they turned struggle
into triumph by turning $100 into $250,000…

How they have went on to develop one of the
fastest growing teams in Empower Network..

… And, the how you can model the strategies
they used so you can start experiencing true
success and fulfillment in your life.

It’s happening live tonight. Don’t miss out 🙂

Dial in here: 209-255-1040 at 9:00PM EST

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