Friday Night Rant – December 2016

And now, Ladies and Germs, it’s time for a Friday night rant!

I don’t always have fodder for this rant every month, but we’re so lucky that this month has served up some rants very nicely.

As many know, I have that great combination skin (Irish/Italian – fair and freckled) that just never cared to be tan. Now I have to have all these small cancers removed, with has left my skin looking like I’ve been stamped with a circular ink stamp with purple ink. Lovely. I’m not complaining, though – it’s not fatal, just a pain in the skin.

Last summer I tried to schedule an appointment with an eye surgeon to discuss the MOHS surgery to take place on my cheek right under my eye. The first appointment was not for two months because he was on vacation. The consultation took place at the end of July. The surgery was scheduled for early Sept. That month came and it had to be cancelled due to a death in the surgeon’s family.

The staff was scrambling to reschedule hundreds of patients and do somersaults and cartwheels to make everyone happy. They asked if I could come the second week of October. No, because my chorus was competing on stage the third week of October. Not good to go on stage with a black eye. So it was scheduled for the week before Thanksgiving. 9:00 a.m. After the MOHS surgeon got done there was 5 hours to wait for the eye surgeon to close the excision. In a different office. About eight miles away from the first surgeon. I drove home, then went to the eye surgeon – saw him at 6 o’clock! My daughter picked me up and we came back for my car in a couple days.

The two surgeons have collaborated before, but they are NEVER in the same office on the same day! I can’t figure that out.

The Florida Dept of Transportation planted about 20 tall palm trees along the Interstate  a couple of months ago. I don’t know why. My house, along with many others must still deal with traffic noise from the Interstate which is about 150 yards away across a wetland. There is no noise barrier on our side but there is one on the opposite side of the Interstate. Huh? I’m not sure what the palm trees are going to do except to remind me that I’m near my exit.

Every Tuesday I meet a carpool and ride to Fort Myers for chorus rehearsal (the same chorus that competed in October). When we return to our cars after the hour and a half ride from rehearsal it’s after 12 midnight. IT NEVER FAILS that the traffic light coming out of the parking lot will keep us waiting there for 3 or 4 minutes (with no oncoming traffic) before turning green. I just know that if I go against the light, some cop will catch me.


Why do people feed the wild ducks that walk around our neighborhood? Do they realize that these ducks are pooping all over the place? Even on stoops of houses where they DON’T get fed? Knock it off.

And to the drivers who race to the gate so they can enter our gated community before everyone else, phooey on you! I hope you enjoy your few extra seconds getting home before others who wait their turn.

Now that Christmas and all it brings is upon us, I want to know why palm trees are lit up with white lights on the trunk, and red lights at the top, making them look like matchsticks? Someone told me they are supposed to look like candles. Oh. Ok. They don’t look like candles to me, but matchsticks from the land of the giants, ho, ho, ho.

Have you ever noticed that when you’re online reading an article or shopping, there are websites pictured at the bottom of your screen that are just like the tabloids at the grocery store checkout line? “20 actors who have slept with their mothers,” “Creepy photographs from lunatic asylums and Nazi files,” “400 women with botched plastic surgery.” Yuck.

There ought to be a law against rearranging a grocery store’s aisles without first warning the customers. I walked into my grocery store and where there used to be applesauce there was fruit juice; the applesauce was two aisles away and shelved across from the pickles and olives. And at least four other things were placed where I had to backtrack to find them.

I have to say that my grocery store has the dairy products and cold drinks in the last two aisles so they don’t sit in the cart getting warm while shopping. Now that makes sense! All the other Florida grocery stores I’ve been in have the dairy stuff in the first two aisles and the produce in the last aisle! I used to shop backwards in the summer, annoying everyone.

You have something to rant about? Like political crap on Facebook? (Rats, I wasn’t going to bring that up..)

Leave me a comment and have a great weekend!

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