Friday Night Rants – February 2016

Hey, it’s time for Friday night rants where once a month I rant about things I can’t do anything about. 


  • Like hermetically sealed jelly packets at restaurants. Ever try to get one of these open? I wish I could have access to the glue they use when I break a nail…
  • And the time I bought a purse-sized packets of moist towelettes, you know to wash your hands when there’s nowhere to do it. Out of 5 packages, every one of them were dried out!

Maybe they meant them to be used as regular TOWELS?


  • And the old complaint about too many remote controls. Not only are there the usual ones for the TV and DVD player, but now there’s one for the overhead light and the fan, which incidentally turn on of their own accord.I really thought we had too many remote controls until I visited my daughter. She has five! DVD player, Blueray player, TV, Cable box, and I think one for the dishwasher and one for the microwave. I wasn’t there long enough to find out!


  • My mother used to put a rubber band around the two remotes she used so they were back-to-back. “Clever Hints from Louise!” (I should write a book.)

Mom had a million little tricks from her experience as a homemaker for 50 years.

We had a small house growing up in Bethesda, Maryland, and almost all the storage of non-perishable foodstuffs was in cabinets down in the basement. Whenever Mom needed to retrieve an item, she wrote it on a popsicle stick and put it in her shirt pocket. The next time she went downstairs she’d pull out the popsicle stick and bring up whatever was needed.

There was also a pegboard listing of items kept downstairs, that if Mom had brought up the last package of, let’s say paper towels, a peg would be inserted next to that item for future shopping trips.


  • But back to my ranting. What’s the deal that whenever I need to touch up my makeup on the way to a place, I get all green lights?
  • And why is it that whenever I travel, I always leave or lose something? I expect to have empty dresser drawers by the end of my life if this keeps up.
  • Twice this month I’ve been driven crazy by websites that require passwords but WILL NOT accept the password I know to be correct. After surrendering and establishing another password, the web site again WILL NOT accept that password the next time I log in? What the heck?
  • I should sell innovative passwords for a living. I have enough of them.31494135_57d7ccd687_z
  • Oh, and these offers that come in your email. Never at the right time. I just purchased software after using a 30 day trial. After I clicked “Purchase” I checked my email for the confirmation and found a coupon for 30% off the purchase of that same software.
  • It seems that not only is my shoe size the most popular in womens’ shoes, but my lipstick color, bra size, AND favorite makeup remover towelettes.

It’s a conspiracy to necessitate multiple shopping trips.

  • We live near a canal where there are a multitude of ducks that fly in and out, walk up and down and feed on its banks. So why is it that all their poop is deposited next to our screened porch door? I used to like ducks.
  • You may recall that there are carpools of us traveling across Alligator Alley to a chorus rehearsal every Tuesday– 300 miles round trip. So why is it that even during Florida’s so-called dry season it always rains on Tuesday?

Have a great weekend.


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