Gratitude For Your Life

Most Americans just celebrated Thanksgiving, but
did we really give thanks or did we concentrate on
cooking an enormous feast and stress about getting
every item to come out of the oven or stove at the
same time?

My children (20-somethings) have arrived for a few
days’ visit, and I’m so grateful that I have both of
them in my life. They lost their father when they 
were very young, and the bond between us girls
is a bit different than most.

Now that they are both working at their careers,
we have more in common now than ever before,
and our conversations can be quite interesting.
I try not to give unsolicited advice, and it’s very
difficult sometimes. I know they have to find their
own way in the world.

They are lovely women. They can be warm and
generous; they can also be ditzy and self-
absorbed, but I enjoy every aspect of them
because they are a product of how they were
reared and of all their experiences. They never
fail to genuinely surprise me with their insight,
wisdom and observations.

Gratitude is a good filter for looking at the past,
whether it’s raising children, working a job, or
being a spouse. I’m grateful for all the opportunities
afforded me to become a better, more experienced
and loving person, and to share all that I am with
my girls and my husband.

It makes one think how wonderful life really is
if we make it a grateful life. Even the painful
things that occur can be molded into a concrete
foundation for a happy future.





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