How To Be A Magnet for Customers Even If You’re An Introvert

There are all kinds of articles out there about how to attract paying customers to your business. Most focus on the tangible side of owning a business: the latest online technology for example, webinars, YouTube techniques, social media advertising or what-have-you. What many experts gloss over is the most basic “technique” of all.


You have to love your customers, even before they are customers.

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What if you’re an introvert? How do you do this, especially if you find it hard to speak to strangers? By focusing on showing them how your product or service solves a problem; by inquiring after their goals and showing interest in their ambition.

Potential customers should feel that level of concern and respect before you give them a pitch. You can only do that with a pleasing personality. This is the best way to communicate with your customers, prospects and fellow entrepreneurs.

A pleasing personality is a must if you are in business. This will do so much for you before you even open your mouth. People can sense your true feelings in all your communications, even if they are not verbal or visible. Our brains are very sensitive receivers. We can infer meanings behind words, our expression, our eyes and body language.

magnet for customers, introvert, napoleon hillThe best way to cultivate this personality is to model yourself after personalities you admire. Notice why you are drawn to certain people and business owners. There are certainly some that are easy to talk to; some that will ask after your family, your business. It’s not hard to join those ranks. All you have to do is “like” them, say a kind word of appreciation or compliment them. You’ll see people’s defenses lower. This gets easier with practice.

As we come in contact with our prospects, leads and customers, be grateful that they have come into your life. You have been given the gift of the opportunity to help change their lives for the better.

We’ve all had times when we meet a person and feel as though we’ve known them for years. They are positive, enthusiastic, happy, gracious and inclusive. These people make us feel warm inside, grateful to be in their presence and we want to be with them.

You can be one of those people. It isn’t hard. By cultivating those same traits and characteristics that attract you to other people, you can be yourself, but just try out some of the things you like in other pleasing personalities. Let your light shine on someone else. I started out saying something to people I met in the elevator. It wasn’t easy at first; now it’s almost second nature. I speak to people in line at the grocery store, the airport, or at the movies. You never know where a conversation will lead.

I believe we’re here on earth to help lift people up and motivate them to go for their dreams, and by doing this we realize our own dreams of success.


There was a story told by Napoleon Hill in The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons, about an elderly woman who entered a department store to get out of the rain. There weren’t many customers in the store, and all the salespeople at their respective counters took notice of the woman, but all decided the woman was not there to purchase, but merely to wait out the storm. All but one, that is.

“One of the young (sales) men saw her and made it his business to inquire politely if he might serve her. She informed him that she was only waiting for it to stop raining; that she did not wish to make any purchases. The young man assured her that she was welcome, and by engaging her in conversation made her feel that he meant what he said. When she was ready to go he accompanied her to the street and raised her umbrella for her. She asked for his card and went on her way.

“One day, this same salesman was called into the office by the head of the firm and shown a letter from a lady who wanted the salesman to go to Scotland and take an order for the furnishings for a mansion. The lady was Andrew Carnegie’s mother, the same woman the young man had been so courteous to many months previously.”

 We create a pleasing personality first in our thoughts. When we believe in it and practice it, people will want to get to know, like and trust you. This is key for any successful business. Often the opportunities for future success are contained in the small every day occurrences. How fortunate that we only need to start with a thought, and nurture it with belief, and we can be blessed with a garden full of gifts, opportunities, and success.

Have a great week!

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