How to Get What You Want


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This sounds really obvious, but you have to KNOW what you want in order to get it.

I’m talking very specifically. What do you want?

Put another way, if you had all the money in the world, what would you want? That’s what I mean by specific.

Because everyone wants money. What do you want to do with that money?


  • Buy a bigger house – where? What neighborhood? What does it look like?
  • Pay off some debts – What debts? Student loans? Credit cards? How much are we talking about?
  • Go on vacation – where? How much will that cost? Would you take your wife, your kids, your in-laws?


So, once you have thought about exactly what you want, you must put a pricetag on these things – I assume that what you want will cost some dollars.


And that’s where my company can help. We use tools to construct our dollar goal, which tells us exactly what to do to reach that goal.  You need to have in your mind the exact figure you are working toward.


Why is this important?


If you will consult “Think and Grow Rich,” by Napoleon Hill, “Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life,” by Wayne Dyer, or “The Science of Becoming Rich,” by Wallace Wattles, and many other books on the subject of riches, you’ll see that acquiring riches starts with a specific idea in your imagination followed by action.

Generalized wishes don’t become reality very easily – because there’s no specific desire or specific action. Everybody wants to be rich; everybody wants to travel; give to the less fortunate; or buy a bigger house.


The more specific you are, the more laser-focused your subconscious mind can be. And you know the subconscious mind does the problem-solving! Even when you’re asleep!  It will work to bring about your thought, your idea, your burning desire.


I know this to be true. When I was a very young girl, I wanted to be in the movies on TV; or sing and dance in front of an audience. And while I dabbled in classes in ballet, piano and acting while in high school and college, I never thought I was talented enough so I didn’t put in the effort to make things happen. Too many doubts crowded in.

However, my subconscious mind was at work. And I realized when I hit my 30s that it brought me opportunities to realize some of my dreams. I sang in glee clubs, had solos, sang in folk groups, choirs, and doo-wop bands. And, as part of my jobs, I was on TV as spokesperson for my department in city government and for a congressman.


And as I beamed beyond the blinding stage lights at a wildly applauding audience year after year after I hit my 40s, I realized my stage dream had come true by performing with my Sweet Adelines chorus – I was singing and dancing on stage before thousands of people! 


I encourage you to identify ways in which your subconscious made things happen that you dreamed of in the past. Maybe you just hadn’t noticed that some of the things you have thought about from time to time have come true in other ways. Think how powerful your thoughts are – how powerful your subconscious mind is!


By identifying, staying focused on and taking action every day on your specific goal, you will make it happen. Ask any successful person. No matter what it is they want, they believe their goal to be doable, right for them, and that they have or will acquire the skills and know-how to accomplish it!


Take a listen to a quartet of women who dreamed of becoming International Champion Queens of Harmony. Twenty years later, they accomplished it by staying focused, working hard and persevering through tough times, juggling jobs, finances, families and heartbreak. Now they bring the joy of music to others! For me, they transport me to a better place. Listen…

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