How To Get Your Focus Back To Business


FOCUS… the final frontier, these are the voyages of my brain… whoops, sorry, got off on a Star Trek rant there.

Here we are, the first month of the year, after holiday celebrations and major detours off our business routine. How do we get ourselves back to the business that we want to explode?

Several ways.

First, give your over-celebrated, fatigued, Netflix-washed, house-turned-upside-down brain and body time to recover from the uproar of the holiday festivities. For those of us prone to the after-holiday blues, rest is essential, catching up on sleep, doing things for yourself, and exercising – gently – to get those endorphins and good feelings flowing again.


Second, make a list of things to do, on paper or your phone, in this order:

  1. MUST do this week.
  2. Take care of next week
  3. Things to do this weekend
  4. Things other people can do to help you


Once all that {crap} is down on paper, your brain won’t have to keep remembering them anymore.

Third, get a big calendar and write down every out-of-house appointment, travel date, and home/car repair scheduled date for the next two months. Put the calendar on the refrigerator for your family to see and add to. This helps avoid surprises and schedule conflicts.

Make sure all the above dates are on your phone or personal calendar.

Use your phone to add to your to do list if you need to during the week, like return a phone call or email, print something, pay a bill.



Once you get all that set up your peace of mind becomes palpable. Don’t worry. You WILL get all this stuff done. All in good time.

Fourth, each day, select the ONE THING from your MUST list that you need to do to move your business forward. (I reference a great book by Gary Keller, “The One Thing”)

Once you accomplish the One Thing each day, you can feel good about yourself and other chores and items seem easier.

Fifth, as you work through your day and you become tired or fatigued and restless, stop what you’re doing and get up and walk around, get a drink of water, listen to some great music, go outside in nature for a few minutes. Stomp around in the snow or the puddles, or, if you live someplace warm like I do in Florida, enjoy the warmth of the sun on your face. I guarantee you’ll feel rejuvenated in about 10 minutes.



Life is worth living, and it’s important to enjoy it. We never want to overtax ourselves to the point of exhaustion. It takes longer to recover energy after it’s depleted than if you take short breaks throughout the day before you’re completely drained.


Focus – the rest of the story


Sixth, once your mind is clear and you’ve decided your One Thing and actually got it done, what now?

Remember, what we focus on directly impacts how we feel. If we’re in the habit of focusing on negative aspects of our life or business, we’re sabotaging the good feelings we created by getting the One Thing done. Knock it off. (I have to tell myself this often).

Move down the list of things to do and select what you want to do (it might be the lesser of two evils). Think of it as knocking one more pin down in the bowling alley. You won’t have to do it again – at least for today.capture.jpg

Pat yourself on the back for getting that One Thing done, now it’s the gravy, the maintenance, the part that brings you closer to your goal! Woo Hoo! Think how far you’ve come from this time yesterday!

Focus Ahead 

Seventh, if you continue to focus on where you want to go, it will serve you and help get you there. We have a tremendous power within ourselves. To quote Tony Robbins, who wrote “Awaken the Giant Within,” Focus on where you want to go, not on what you fear.”

Remember in Drivers Ed we learned that while driving at night on a two-lane road NOT to look at the headlights of oncoming cars! If you did you soon realized that you were unconsciously steering the car closer to that oncoming car! We automatically go where we are focused! If we concentrate on the center of our lane or closer to the shoulder, the car will continue on a safe course.

That’s powerful! Think how you can harness that power! 

Why do you think coaches tell baseball players to “keep their eye on the ball?” That’s the only way to hit it out of the park, or catch it when it comes screaming out into the outfield.

We must re-condition ourselves to focus on the outcomes we want and not on the problems we have. In other words, undo years of focusing on flaws, problems, circumstances, obstacles, etc. If I were in charge of schools this is what I would teach children at an early age.

How do we re-condition ourselves? By asking questions. Our unconscious mind responds to questions because it’s a built-in problem solver. Now we don’t phrase the question to focus on the problem we ask it in a way to find a solution. 

Like this:   “How can I turn this around?”

“How can I generate a monthly income of $—–?

Your unconscious mind will get to work getting you answers – by bringing ideas to you, by putting you in front of people who can help, who know… by putting before you books that will help you.


Focus is Time Well Spent 

Seventh, Focus also means sticking with something until we determine whether it is right for us. Building a business takes time. Some say six months to a year. Even longer for some to really take off. Depending on the kind of time you have to devote to your business, other obligations such as another job, family, etc., it may take longer than “advertised.”

I knew my business would take some time to take off because of the length of time it takes me to create good, concise content for my blog and to build a list of subscribers.

Flitting from idea to idea and never giving enough time for an idea to work is deadly. It’s a monstrous waste of time and money. A lot of these habits come from Operation Overload and fear of missing out. We take training course after training course, webinar after webinar; and never take the ACTION required to implement the strategy we trained on.

Or we do implement a strategy and expect immediate results. Do you buy something from a stranger the first time you hear of it ?


Focus on your target audience

Eighth, focus on your target audience. (If you don’t know who they are, think about people who you are comfortable talking with.) Let them get to know you and your business, the type of information or training you can provide, and why you took the leap. How would they benefit from joining you? You show that by consistent interaction, by revealing your story that will attract customers who relate to you.

You don’t have to be all things to all people. You’ll want to attract only those people who have the same interests as you had for your products or services. Focus on them and provide value to them in your marketing, emailing, blogging, whatever the method you’re using to reach prospects.

By all means, use Focus to have a ball creating the business you want and the lifestyle you deserve!


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