How To Set Real Goals

Have you set your goals for your business?
I’m not talking about how much money you want
to make, but WHAT the money is FOR.

These goals are musts for the motivation to
take you through the tough times, the times
when you just don’t want to do the work, or
when frustration threatens. It’s imperative to actually
visualize yourself living the lifestyle you want.

Whether it’s driving that new car, traveling
to another country, living in that home
near the beach, (yeah!) or writing that
tuition check for your child’s college

It’s not enough to just want a better life,
or more money, you have to see yourself
with the money in your hand, enjoying
what it has brought into your life.

This is what makes your goal a REAL goal,
one you can taste and feel and see in
your mind. This is the faith you need to
have – knowing you are going to get there;
knowing that the effort is worthwhile; and
giving you the determination to do what it takes.

I believe in you. If you do the trainings here
at Empower Network, take action based on
those trainings, and come to the events,
You will succeed. 

I’ve seen it happen many times, and it’s
those who believe in themselves and do
the work that is taught that make wonderful
things happen in their lives.
I will suggest a book that has helped me
significantly in my own journey to success.
It’s called “The Science of Being Rich” by
(don’t laugh) Wallace D. Wattles.

The premise is simple:

  • You have a right to be rich.
  • There is a science to becoming rich.
  • By changing your thinking you can make it happen.
  • Becoming rich is about creativity, not competition.

That last bullet point made all the difference
for me. Because I had a problem with wanting
to be rich. My outlook has now completely
changed and it has made all the difference.

I’ve read the book four times. I’ve read
other books as well that were suggested by
leaders at Empower Network. I also listen to the
recordings of knowledge and experience
of these leaders who have taken many
roads in earning money online, only to find
the road that works – Empower Network.

The inspiration is there; the training is there;
you don’t have to reinvent the wheel; they
show you how it’s done and will walk you
through the steps. It’s a culture of creativity,
not competition.

Join us now. It’s your time.
Empower Network

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