I Want You To See What’s Possible



Have I told you my vision for the world?

I envision that in twenty years, 80% of the world’s workers will be engaged in an online business, making hundreds of thousands of dollars every year sharing products, visions, literature, poems, instructions, pictures, art, music and fellowship with others across the globe.

This has already started, but there are still so many people who think there is nothing beyond what they are doing now. Trapped in a 9-5 job, or God forbid, a swing-shift job. (That can drive you crazy)


Let’s Build A Team Together


My vision is to build a team that will use our funds to host a project that will bring literacy, love, hope, materiel, housing, food, or water to those who are suffering hardships from corrupt governments, famine, natural disasters, and overpopulation.

I’ve been acutely aware that whenever there is a tragedy like a mass shooting or terror attack, the people of the world join together to do great things for people. They help as individuals or in groups. I never had the vacation time or the kind of money where I could just take off and go to a site to volunteer and be of service.




We have a choice of lives

My vision is that everyone sees that we have a choice of lives. We can live under somebody else’s terms, or live under our own terms. It’s hard work to launch a business; there’s much to learn, but the excitement, rewards and personal fulfillment are real!


If you have a vision such as mine, or your own personal vision, this is one way to actually see it through.


I don’t want to wait for a tragedy to strike. People need help now. I want them to know that people do care and want to help, no matter where they are or what they believe.


My vision for you is to change your life. To introduce you to the possibilities and to see for yourself what others have done by going into business online.


I want to help you stop doubting and stop hesitating and have the courage to see for your ability to change things for yourself?


Do you see what’s possible?

I understand what it feels like to be trapped. Oh, boy was I there. I became a single mom, in 1996 having lost my husband to suicide. I had two little girls who didn’t understand what happened or why. They were so afraid that I would disappear too that they wouldn’t let me go out once I got home from work



I, felt trapped. How could I make enough money to compensate for my husband’s income? How could I ever do what I really wanted to do and have the money to do all those things I dreamed of doing, like go on extended vacations, cruises, explore Europe, Australia, and New Zealand?



What I would like to help you do is to have time to think about your biggest passion; help you to be able to give yourself that gift, to show you that it is possible.


We have only so many years on this earth, NOW is the time to make that decision to pursue what you have always wanted to do but never had the time or the money.


Please share with me what your vision is for yourself and for this world.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and experience.


We are community,


The Freedomwriter



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