If money and time were no object, what would you be doing in life?


Did you have a vision when you were little, about who you wanted to be when you grew up?

If you knew you could become anyone you wanted to, what would you pursue?


So, back as a little kid, what was your answer? What influenced you to say that answer?

My vision was to be on stage or in the movies. Glamorous business.

But I wasn’t passionate enough about becoming a movie star to leave my family and life behind and go to Hollywood and take acting lessons, working any job I could find and live with 30 other actress wannabes until I made it or went broke.

Because it wasn’t my true calling. Entertaining was more of a hobby.

I joined singing groups and now I enjoy being on stage a couple of times a year and that was all I needed.


So what were your dreams as a kid? Did you ever reach them? Did they make you feel important, talented, excited to pursue them?

These are the dreams of exploration to discover our life purpose. These dreams begin when we’re children, then mature as we mature. We need to keep dreaming them until they become our life vision.


Very few individuals start out saying that they are going to create a world-wide organization that helps individuals facing disaster or coping with wartime. Clara Barton started out as a volunteer who saw a need. The Civil War was raging in Washington DC and troops came pouring into the capital after a battle in Baltimore, some 40 miles away. Most needed food, clean clothing, medical aid and kinds words of support.



Clara began rounding up assistants and provided food, clothing, medical supplies, blankets, bedding for soldiers, following their campaigns from battlefield to battlefield.

Clara Barton received a vision in her mind. She saw what her life purpose was. It had become clear. So began her journey toward creating the American Red Cross.


Clarity is what we strive for; it what allows us to plan, prepare and take action to seeing our vision become real. Making our vision come true becomes part of us, fun, and not work.


And when our vision serves a need in our community or in the world, it’s that much sweeter. You feel as if you could do it until you’re 102 years old!


But how do we come up with a vision? Especially if we have faced hard times and disappointments in the past?

First of all, past is past. Past, schmast. Done, over. Move on and don’t look back. You are a new slate today. Today is the first day of forever. Remember. You can change any time you want and start your life over ANY time you want.

What a gift THAT is, right?

And, as Napoleon Hill wrote many years ago, “You can do anything if you believe you can!” (“Think and Grow Rich”)


First step: develop a Positive Mental Attitude.

          This is your fertile ground for thinking creatively. You can accomplish anything you want to with a Positive Mental Attitude plus action. To develop this very important element may include getting away from negative people and influences. Close the door on them while you’re concentrating on your attitude. After a time, chances are good that your new positive attitude will affect these people in a good way.

Second step: write down things that you want to do in life that you are willing to do whatever it takes to get there? What are you passionate about that you’d want to share with the world? In other words, what recharges your batteries and makes you want to get up in the morning? (That’s a big one for me!)

Third Step: How much money would you need to pull in every month so you could pursue this passion full time?

          Now you have a decision to make. Do I pursue? Or do I settle back into the rut I’m in and hope I win the lottery?

You’re better than that!


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