If You Took This Step, You Are a Hero

A friend sent me a gift today. Paul Hutchings sent a recording of the Think and Grow Rich call that focused on the fact that all the things we do for our purpose in life make us heroes. That heroes aren’t only people who do great things; heroes are not only those who are awarded medals.  


His message was this: 

“You don’t have to be a top earner,
top producer, or a superstar to be
a hero.

In my humble opinion – being a hero
has everything to do with thinking
thoughts, and making decisions that,
for the most part,

…might never be seen by human eyes
nor praised with the human tongue.

For every big success story you see in
the limelight, there are countless stories
of everyday heroes standing in the

If you have a dream and are pushing on
in life – YOU are an everyday hero and

If you feel like nobody sees you – I DO!

Keep doing what you do and remember,
any great work of nature – any great work
of man – is a combination of many things
added together.”



This message is the embodiment of how I feel about YOU. Because you have taken the first step in your quest to change your life, to help yourself, to improve yourself and to move forward in your life.

I salute anyone who does this – because it’s not easy – took me years to take the first step!276388524_10796127ff_z

So look in the mirror and give yourself a big smile because you are OK!


The recording is awesome. You can listen to it here: 


“Think and Grow Rich” is the name of the famous book written by Napoleon Hill, who studied thousand of people over 25 years to determine how people became rich and were able to keep their wealth.

After Paul does a live reading from “Think and Grow Rich,” or a major book on wealth building and success, he opens up the lines for the mastermind portion of the call that anyone can dial into. People on the call take turns sharing their take on the reading and how they have applied the principles in their lives and in their business.

The audio Paul sent deals with the vital importance of having a Definite Chief Aim for one’s life. Without a specifically defined aim, peoples’ actions become muddled, inconsistent and self-doubt and loss of confidence can creep in. It takes intense concentration and reflection to arrive at one’s definite chief aim, but it’s the most important time we can spend. It is the hub of the wheel, the dot on the map, and our reason to be, our “why.”

Many of us want to help others get what we have, which is freedom to live the lives we want, and one of the ways we can encourage others is to tell them that we believe in them and we know they can do what they’ve set out to do, and that they were brought into our lives for a reason. And that reason is good.


I know you can do it. I believe in you!3778606607_2ed818b584_z


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Christy Kelly

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PS- The Think and Grow Rich call is hosted by Paul Hutchings Monday through Friday at 9:00 a.m. EST. (712) 432-0900 access# 565762.  He started it over 5 years ago. That’s 6:00 a.m. in Idaho where Paul lives! Talk about commitment!

Are you that committed to yourself and your business? With such drive you can definitely change your life!

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1 thought on “If You Took This Step, You Are a Hero”

  1. Great posting Cristy. I was given a hard back copy of this book in high school. It set me on a way to achieve a positive path toward success, and faith in God. If successful, I would be able to help others through example and encouragment. It is a ‘Great Read’. A lifetime of happiness and good endeavor follow those that choose such a path. Thanks for bringing this teaching to others. The best of success to you. Fred

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