It’s Friday Night and Time to Rant!

You know what? It’s Friday and time to rant!

This time my rant subject is in line with what I’ve been learning from a mentor of mine in home business… Why fight? Why be contentious?

You might hear someone say, “Who’s contentious? I’m only giving my opinion on Facebook because they’re ticking me off!”

And how do you feel afterwards? Better? Or are you just more ticked off?

Why enter the fray?

Why do we have to prove we’re right and the other person is wrong?

Pretty soon all that surrounds us are negative ions, prickly items that put us in a foul mood while we envisioning terrible punishments for these “stupid people.”

It’s like today. I got in my car to go to the grocery store. I passed through the gate at the entrance to my development proceeded to the traffic light at the intersection. I did not change lanes, cut anyone off or go too fast or too slow. However, during this ¼ mile journey, a black car with young boys in it passed me on the left displaying ‘the finger’ outside the windows and the sunroof and cut in front of me before we got to the traffic light. They continued this display until we parted company at the next traffic light.

I’ve no idea why they did this, but they made sure I saw them. I kept my face impassive, giving no indication that I saw them.

That’s what I mean by contention.

After nearly two years of presidential campaigning, Americans now more in the habit of fighting for their opinion to be heard and acknowledged on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. What was once a place where a steady diet of grandbaby pictures, hope-filled and sunny slogans, funny cat and dog videos, has now become a testing ground for who can rant their political sabers the loudest, making point after point to convince others to believe them.

If this actually worked, America would need no campaigning at all to learn the facts of any issue – we could all just go on Facebook and read for hours all points of view and the “facts” that everyone should believe.

Social media is becoming the tabloids of the digital age.

So what am I ranting about? In a world where all this negativity is going on, with people protesting that “he’s not my president,” “that women are being persecuted,” that “the rights of illegal aliens are being violated,” serve little purpose but to bring out those who yell loudest and longest – believing that he who yells last and loud will be believed.

So what is the plan? If Congress stopped to listen to the rantings, what do the raving folks want them to do? What law do they want passed? Do they actually think through how they would “fix” Obamacare? Or Medicare? Or anything? Does yelling and fighting online actually fix anything?

People are unfriending other people they no longer want to hear from. That’s fine – it’s like letting telemarketer calls go to voicemail.

I hate to break it to the ranting public, but there was an election in this country. The election went a certain way. OK. It’s done. Live with it and get in touch with your Congressional representative when you believe they need to hear from you about a law that ought to be amended or retracted or introduced. That’s what they are there to do. Contacting these elected officials makes them communicate what they’re doing. It makes them somewhat accountable. It makes them pay attention.

But don’t contact Congressional representatives who do not represent your area. These communications merely get forwarded to the right guy. Waste of time; could be weeks before they get read. IF they get read.

There’s also another way to communicate, and that’s through thoughts of forgiveness, love, positive thoughts and reason. These message may be sent at any time to anyone anywhere – instantaneously. Does that surprise you?

Remember the story Napoleon Hill, author of “Think and Grow Rich,” recounted when he was awakened by “something” at three o’clock in the morning. He headed outside, where there were dozens of people who had also awakened. It turned out to be the celebration by thousands of troops and citizens across the ocean in Europe because World War I ended with the signing of an armistice on November 11, 1918. Their joy and happiness was communicated across the globe!

We can make a difference. But we’re not going to do it by yelling at each other, calling each other names or hating each other because we don’t agree. Look at the Middle East. Those hates are so far ingrained in the DNA of some, that no acceptance is possible with respect to other cultures or creeds.

What a sad reality.

What we can do is listen, read, reflect, suggest, invite to listen, invite to speak. We don’t have to condemn just because they are of one party or another, or they voted one way or another. That’s an automaton working – computer programming. “If she does this then I think that.” Place your best friend in that opposite role, or your daughter, or your grandson. Changes perspective, doesn’t it?

My biggest takeaway from my mentor today is – Center yourself, feel appreciation that you’re alive. Take deep breaths, hold them a few seconds, let them go, and feel the life force within you. Deep breathing sends a signal to yourself and the universe that you appreciate your life.

We have the choice to think what we think, and isn’t that a wonderful gift? Just one gift in a life to be enjoyed and appreciated.

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