Just Starting an Online Business?


There were many things that kept me from starting my own business. First of all, I didn’t think I had the discipline to work at home; I also didn’t have a burning desire to start a business. I’d only heard about problems from people. What was I going to sell? I hadn’t written a book; I hated doing home parties or hotel meetings. I couldn’t do taxes (yuck) or bookkeeping.  


Then, after all, I’m a baby boomer, you know, the dumb ones who don’t really understand computers and how they can systemize business. I’d used computers for email and word processing at work, and anything else was Greek.


Until I got into Empower Network. They trained me on so much stuff and provided so many things I would have had to pay for and install. Like a website! A blog! Plug-ins! Lead pages! Sales funnels! They showed me how to install an email autoresponder. The entire system is designed to minimize the learning curve. They provide training on everything – even live training.



Because that’s what Empower is all about – empowering people to run their own business on line so they have time to live their lives, be with their kids, go out to lunch, go on vacations when they want, etc.


Newbies are never just left to figure things out. First, they have a sponsor, a team, and coaches who will help get them started and who explain the automated systems that they can plug into for any kind of business. Empower is all about making your entrepreneurship that much easier and more lucrative. Their products teach entrepreneurship, getting leads and sales, online marketing and team building and much more. You can sell these products in your marketing (which I do) and earn 70% commission on the sales.


And no phone calls. Unless you want to, of course.


So all my assumptions about a home-based business were wrong. I was selling myself short, and I wasn’t educated about the systems in place at Empower Network that allow me to start earning commissions right away. And I can’t say enough about the Empower Network community. They are all entrepreneurs who help, not compete with each other.


Good news for all of us.

Click here to learn more. I’ll be waiting for ya!


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