Live Conference Call Every Monday Night!

Hi, Christy here,

It was a fantastic weekend with Empower Network founder David Wood 
and hundreds of others who have created businesses online with 
Empower Network products and training.

I’m inviting you to listen tonight at 9:00 EDT on a live conference call 
to hear how Empower Network has changed peoples’ lives, including mine.
It can change your life too!

Dial in here: (209) 255-1040 – It’s free

The transformation stories are awe-inspiring, some going folks
from dirt poor poverty to a great income in just a few months to a

Others who worked at jobs living from paycheck to paycheck
are now making $10,000 a month in their online business.

My goals are to work at my own business and make enough income
to pay everything off, travel with my husband and family, and in 
particular, stop worrying about retirement income or end-of-life 
issues in case my health fails or something else occurs.

And my goals are coming true!

Life is too short to procrastinate on really going after your dream.

Dial in here: (209) 255-1040  at 9:00 p.m. Eastern – It’s free.

Join us this evening on a live conference call with Tracey Walker,
who was on welfare before she was able to start an online business
with Empower Network. Empower Network has a system whereby you 
can actually succeed online. Your destiny is in your hands.

If you want it, you CAN do it!

See ya tonight!

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