Not Your Mother’s Book Club

Baby Boomers continue to forge new
ways to do everything. As a generation
fortunate to know enough about computers
to be dangerous, we have found each
other in various communities who share
the same interests.

Ever heard of MeetUp? I didn’t until I
moved to a new town. I was searching
for groups of women I could join to either
find a good job, meet new friends, and
find out about my new community.


I stumbled upon a book club. There
were many of these on MeetUp, and I
began to visit a few of them to see how
they operated and the type of books
they chose and what they did with

The first one I went to was very
small. No one introduced them-
selves because they all knew each
other. There were usually only
3 or 4 people there. Each month
there were different attendees, and
only a couple of them actually read
the book.

I moved on to another club. This
one met at a restaurant. About
10 minutes before the start time
people started trickling in, and
they kept trickling in throughout
the entire meeting. There were
over 40 people!  We were asked
to split up into small groups
to discuss different aspects of the


I kept looking on MeetUp and
found a club that was just getting
started. It had Baby Boomer in
its name. It was limited to 13 people,
and I found myself feeling right at home.

Each member picks a book for
the next month, and the meetings
rotate around each other’s homes.
After a few months, we have gotten
to know each other, and usually
will meet for dinner halfway between

We were becoming friends. We know
each other’s stories. We also have
a waiting list.

The books we’ve read are varied and
really make you think. The discussion
usually centers on how each person
relates to the characters or the story,
and what we would do in that situation.

As an English major, I usually focus
on the writing; the imagery provided
in the story, or the passion imparted
to the reader.

Other friends of mine are always asking
me what we’ve been reading, and I’m
always handing out lists. We’ve been
together over a year now, and have even
been featured in the local newspaper
(does anyone still read these?)

For our book list, please BookList

If you have had good experiences with
book clubs, please let me know in the
comments. I’d love to hear from you!


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