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Sometimes it’s just frickin hard to get through the day when you’re working from home, what with different people tugging at your time, interruptions like the laundry, meals for the kids and pets, housework, bills, and your own brain saying “Look, a chicken!” every five minutes as you scroll through your emails or social media.


When hundreds of “come look at me” ads are flashing in front of me all I want to do is sample that pizza, that ice cream that’s supposed to help me lose weight (yeah, right), or try that awesome exerciser that’s supposed to tone every muscle in your body in 5 minutes, help you lose 25 pounds and increase your IQ by 35 points. (If after 13 years you’re still not satisfied you will get a full refund!)


Many of these distractions occur in the life of the home-based business entrepreneur. It’s hard to keep your mind’s door closed to those distractions, especially if we’re not really feeling motivated to get to work.


We all have those days and I’m sure most of us have developed methods to handle these situations, i.e., by not handling them; going with the flow by taking copious breaks and chalking the day up to the Unproductive Column; boring through it like a wild bull who just can’t stand that red cape!



One defense is to review your “why” – the reason you’re working from home. Maybe it’s because you have young children. Maybe you see that the internet offers legit jobs working from home so why commute and work for someone else? Perhaps you’re tired of working for someone else’s dream. Why continue to fill the coffers of someone else’s bank account when you can fill your own!


Maybe you need a change of environment altogether; moving the computer into another room (preferably a tidy one, so the clutter doesn’t distract us), or getting in the car and visiting a quiet eatery where you can plug into WIFI and absorb the energy of the place while creating an outline for your blog, or heading to a bookstore to create a list of ideas for promotions.


I’m pretty good at not answering the phone while working. I make time to return calls later in the afternoon when I need a break. While talking, I can take a walk, sit outside, (which perks up my energy and mood) and sound pleasant to the other party on the line. (Are we allowed to say “line” anymore with cell phone technology or should it be “beam” or “wave” or “microwave”? Sounds Sci-fi-ish.)


When you become continuously distracted it’s sensible to stop and figure out what’s causing it. You are the only one who knows yourself intimately and can figure out what the problem is. It becomes time to become your own best friend. Do you have a “go-to” bag of tricks? Journaling or meditation for example, or taking a power nap? Listening to soothing music? Watching nature? Although at times powering through a slump may help jump-start our motivation, at other times it causes our inner child to have a tantrum, especially if we are tired. Then it’s time to take time for our self-examination.



Last weekend was very busy one for me and my singing chorus. We were participating in a two-day regional competition. At the same time we were working the competition logistics as the outgoing champion chorus. Working a competition entails lots of standing, some boredom, being ready for any contingency such as weather, transportation problems, finding out answers to peoples’ questions, and maintaining a cheerful and helpful attitude for many hours.


I knew that if I became too tired, I would become cross and argumentative if I was under pressure. That’s just the way my beloved Irish temper is rigged. So I made sure to get plenty of rest the night before, and to have snacks and plenty of water with me. I was grateful to have people to talk to while executing my duties; I know some other gals were not so lucky.


In my home office, however, when I need some human contact and my friends are busy at their jobs, I pull out one of my “mentors,” Napoleon Hill “Think and Grow Rich”, Noah St. John, “The Secret Code of Success”, Jim Rohn, “7 Strategies for Wealth and Happiness,” Robert Kiyosaki, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” or Wallace Wattles, “The Science of Getting Rich.” These gentlemen wrote masterpieces on success by speaking frankly to the entrepreneur; so it’s like having a small mastermind conference to pick up one of these tomes and review a chapter or two. Talk about an infusion of motivation and energy! It seems to work every time.


The other thing I do every day is listen to one of Empower Network’s Inner Circle audios. These are positive, informative audios that provide insights, tips, and encouragement by entrepreneurs who have experienced the same ups and downs that all of us go through. You can check them out here:

My favorite audio has a hilarious segment describing an individual with slumped shoulders and a dark cloud over him as he whines, “My business isn’t working because nobody’s joining me and I’ve been doing this for 3 weeks…” The speaker then says, “No wonder! Look at yourself! You’re like Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh!” That always cracks me up.



Have you ever sat looking in a mirror and talked to yourself as a friend? Or a child? Some find it therapeutic to give themselves a pep-talk. I do it myself, having broken the habit of berating my reflection in the mirror. (it doesn’t work).


It’s wonderful to hear that we’re smart, capable; that we’re on the right track, we just have to give it time and have patience and never, ever give up. How about telling yourself that you think you’re the bomb! It’s fantastic!  Why not! You know you’re doing the best you can today.


People who have to be “up” for their jobs often self-talk themselves into the courage it takes to do it over and over and over. Think of actors on stage. Or teachers. Or singers. They don’t get “overs;” they have to do the best they can each and every time. They have to believe they can do it, too.


They didn’t start out as a perfect actor or singer. No one does except maybe a prodigy and we don’t have to worry about too many of those. Everyone started out the same way. The mindset might have been just a little bit different – depending on their environment, family members, support, etc. We’ve taught you how to adjust yours so that it works for you, not against you. See one of my previous blog posts:


You’ve got be your own best friend, otherwise you won’t attract people to you. Think of the last little shop or café you entered and how you were greeted by the owner behind the counter. You could tell immediately whether they are happy to see you and to offer services to you. That’s really all I need to know before looking around the store. If someone doesn’t care or takes no notice of me, none of their merchandise looks very good. What a coincidence!




It’s the same online. Create a welcoming blog or website. Invite people to spend the day reading and commenting. Be interested in what problems they’re dealing with.


As you become your own best friend, it’s easy to become friends to the people visiting your blog or you website or your social media posts. It’s all relationships in this world. One must build them or people will just walk by.


Show them how much you have to give.



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