Recharge Your Batteries as an Entrepreneur

Empower Network held a 3-day event in
Orlando, and it was positively energizing.
The first night EN owner Dave Wood talked
about the 
company, which he started three
ago this month.

He said EN is still in infancy in a matter
of speaking, because there 
is no other
company doing what we are 
EN makes it easy for an entrepreneur

to work hard, learn quickly and have the
success that they envision.

But more that that, EN was started so that
others are successful. Now EN is making
it even easier for people without any web
experience to get started.

We believe in you until you
       believe in yourself

A whole new blogging platform is being
created by folks who have had unbelievable
success over 20 years blogging in their
business. One of the bloggers, Michelle,
has had nearly 4 million “hits” on her blog!

The reason the new blogging platform is 
welcome news, is that it gives the beginner
a ready-made template to use, which will 
complete the blog, title it and put keywords
in it so it will have a good chance of being
found on the Internet with just a few clicks!

No more learning curve on the technical side.
You can get started right away which you
training in marketing strategies!

Blogging is how Dave Wood became such
a success, even though he had no money,
because blogs “live” on the Internet forever
and new people doing Internet searches find
it and those interested in what he offered click
on the link to his business. He’s still obtaining
leads from a blog he last wrote 5 years ago!

It’s a proven method of marketing – instead
of spending 
time getting prospects to hotel
meetings or home meetings 
or parties.

David said the key was that he blogged every
day. Over time, his Internet presence grew and 
he became incredibly successful. His blog
posts do his outreach for him.

Click on the link below to purchase the
Blogging program. It’s the easiest way to get
started letting the public know aboutr your 
business, whether your own business, or 
marketing Empower Network products.

I believe in you. You can do this!

It’s worked for so many of us – the 2,400
people at the Orlando conference was proof
of it.


Internet presence into perpetuity!

How cool is that?

The next Empower Network Event will
be in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina the
weekend of January 23-26, 2015. 
Please get started on Empower Network
and put this weekend on your calendar.

I’d love to meet you and talk with you

Christy Kelly





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