Seven Ways To Restore Your Health From Overwork – Part 3


We’re covering steps 4 and 5 in our quest to restore our health from overwork. The toll on our bodies is not only physical but psychological. Overworking can create a cycle of distress that leads to the weakening of the immune system, and then to illnesses of all types. Aches and pains can be exacerbated by negative thoughts generated by fatigue, stress, and negative emotions like guilt, hopelessness and anger, which only creates more stress hormones to be released and round and round we go.


4. Take a Positive Step Toward Health

Make an appointment with your doctor or therapist; tell him what is taking place in your life. Just sharing the situation will tell your subconscious mind that you are trying to do something about it – a positive vibe. The doctor’s physical examination will also provide a picture of what the overwork is doing to your body and give you the motivation to correct your course.

Sharing your situation with someone else can also be therapeutic, but only if that someone is a person who will give a positive listening experience. If they reflect negative vibes back at you, that won’t help. And never confide your unhappiness or stress to a co-worker, for they have their own personal filters with respect to the work environment, and oftentimes cannot be objective enough to respond in a helpful way.

5. Put Down Your Cell Phone and Pick Up Your Pet

The overworked mind is a hyperactive mind, complete with scattered thoughts and scenarios. It gives commands to the body to release stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline that, over time, will break down the body’s resistance to disease. We need to give the mind a break from thinking, reacting, and communicating.

Get off social media; turn off your phone, the television, and try slowing the mind down with peaceful music, quiet time with your pet, (unless it’s a rattlesnake) or gaze at a natural scene outdoors. Even watching your tropical fish can be calming (that’s why you find them in dentists’ offices).

I can personally attest that there’s nothing like the purr of a cat to bring a smile to your face.14464400062_b7f1a3bb07_z

My other suggestion is to read the comics. It takes me out of myself and brings laughter, the best medicine for a stressful day. I keep a book of Garfield or Calvin and Hobbs on hand for some laughs when I need them.

Laughter is especially therapeutic before bed. Now that we’re getting at least 8 hours sleep, I make sure and read or listen to something cheerful or humorous before closing my eyes. I gave up watching the nightly news a long time ago.

I recently found that Pandora radio contains a track with snippets from famous comedians like Louis CK, Jeff Dunham, Aziz Ansari. When I listen with my earphones in bed, sometimes I wake up my husband because the bed is shaking with my silent laughter.


It’s all good!

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