Tapping Into Your Power



I want to talk to you
about an insight I had this
morning, that for me was HUGE.

Maybe it can be a blessing
for you, also.

I’ve heard for a long time
in personal development
that success is 100%
up to YOU.

Take ultimate responsibility
for everything that happens
in your life, they say.

You’ve heard that before
haven’t you,

On one level, that rings
so true to me.

On another level, it feels
a bit off.

Here’s what I mean.

When I look at the blessings
in my life right now…

On one level, I realize that
I DID play a part in creating
the life my family enjoys now.

However, on another level, I
realize that none of this could
have happened without some
outside help.

I feel a profound sense of
gratitude to both the people
who helped me along my way…

AND – for what I believe to
be the Source of all:

The Creator, God, Infinite
Intelligence, Higher Power,
whatever we choose to call it.

The point is…

For me to stand up and shout out
my gratitude for the success I
am enjoying and say…


Feels false to me.

Do you know what I mean?

I never quite know how to express this,
but this morning I listened
to an enlightening conversation
on the *Think and Grow Rich
Mastermind call.

I love this call because it opens
up my mind so much to the wisdom
of Napoleon Hill and other great thinkers
who have taken the time to think about
the mysteries and workings of success—
in our jobs, our relationships, our lives.

In any case, people were sharing
about these questions…

From me, or through me…?

All me? Or in combination with that
which is greater than me?

One person said,

“You are not the cause, but
when you’re open to receiving,
the cause can work with and
through you.”

Ding! The angels started singing.

That’s it. That seems to be the way
it works, as I understand it anyway.

It’s not me and me alone…

It’s not you and you alone…

It’s us working with the Divine
inside each of us.

It’s us opening up to the Source
of all that is.

It’s us, letting go of our ego (consciousness)
and being open to the guidance that
seems to come from places beyond our
definition and limits.

My best ideas…

My best emails…

My BEST Facebook posts

My BEST shares in a group

Seem to come through me, more
than from me.

I had to think about it. When I am sharing
something with others, especially in a
mastermind setting,

I’ve come to realize that my Spiritual Self
seems to have more wisdom than I do!

That sentence sure sounds funny since
I’m still speaking about myself, …or am I?

Maybe that’s the real goal…

To let go of having to prove that we are
“The Man” or “The Woman” and instead,
realizing there’s no need to prove this to

We already are an important piece of the
Divine whole, wherever we’re at right now.

So why not work with that, instead of against it?

I think this is why the topic of humility seems
to resonate on so many levels for those who
really stop and ponder what it means to be

An acknowledgement that we are not the
center of the Universe. (What? We’re not?)

We are a piece, yes…

…an important piece – YES…

And a part of something so much bigger
than any one of us can comprehend…

Acknowledging that great truth
and expressing gratitude for it…

Embracing it.

Maybe that’s what it means to be humble.

And maybe the little challenges and
setbacks we have in our lives are but
gentle reminders from the
Infinite Instructor…

To open our minds and receive…

To drop more of our ego, and embrace
more of the Divine flow…

If things aren’t working out exactly the
way we want them to yet


Something profound is making
its way into our hearts.

What do you think?

Next time you look at the flame
​of a candle, ask yourself…

“Where is the flame getting its fuel?”

It’s not getting it from itself is it?
It seems to be working in harmony
with something beyond itself.

Where does the miracle of your life
force seem to come from?

Did you give it to yourself?

Or does it seem to be flowing
through you from a place
somewhere beyond yourself?

Interesting thoughts to think about, right?

It seems to me, that the more
we can tap into this stream of Divinity,
the better things can become for us
in our lives.

And truthfully, THIS is what really
excites me about this whole
freedom journey…

The money is necessary, and fun…

The skills are essential..

But what REALLY inspires me…

What REALLY gets me up in the morning…
(And I must tell you I am NOT a morning

Is this vision of what I believe we’re actually
doing in heart-centered business enterprises.

You might get what I’m saying and you
might not,

Regardless, I want you to know

that you are special,

You are important.

You are HERE on planet Earth
for a reason.

And even if you don’t know
what your purpose is yet…

Please take heart in knowing
that your flame is connected to
the source of Infinite Power.

And that Source knows, and
can guide you to where you’re
supposed to go…

…if you are open to listening.


*Think and Grow Rich Mastermind
M-F 9:00 a.m. EST 712-432-0900 Access# 565762




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