The Secret The Wealthy Don’t Want You To Know


People always ask for “the secret” to great wealth.27842279_05fed19778_o

They think there’s a magic bullet to making piles of money.


I’m here to tell you that there is a secret.


Did you know that many of the wealthy elite classes in the world passed this secret down through the generations, but they kept this knowledge from the lower classes because they didn’t want them to know.


And quit working for them.


And create a better life for themselves and their families.


Some didn’t want the lower classes to know the secret because they felt that they hadn’t the intelligence to understand the concept. (They also believed African Americans to be only 3/5 of a person so what’s that tell you?)


So the upper classes kept it to themselves. They passed it down through the secret societies they belonged to, such as the Masons, The Brotherhood, The Skull and Bones, etc.


I’ll tell you the secret right now.


It’s the fact that our brains work in a very unique way. The brain is actually a transmitter that attracts to us what we think about most of the time. It transmits what we think about out into the ether, and the Universe, or Higher Power, God, or whatever you want to call it, brings to us what we’re thinking about, whether good or bad, into our lives.

 The book “The Secret” talked about some of that; others call it The Law of Attraction.


The reason that this secret is so extraordinary, is that it’s been physiologically proven. There are ways of transmitting information with our brains so that others pick up those transmissions and carry them further and further.



Napoleon Hill, author of “Think and Grow Rich,” first experienced it when World War I ended with an armistice and the soldiers in Europe were celebrating. People like Hill woke up in America out of a sound sleep because they felt like something monumental was happening. They poured out into the streets asking their neighbors if they knew what was going on. Then the news came about the final cease-fire.


And that’s before CNN and the rest of them!


History saw this phenomenon occur in a negative way with Adolph Hitler in 1930s Germany, but in a positive way with Mohandas Gandhi in British-ruled India in the 1940s. In both cases, the populations in each country were moved to take certain actions as one people. One for evil purposes and one for independence.


What’s This Have To Do With Creating Wealth and Becoming Financially Free?


A great part of business consists of marketing, and marketing, done the right way, can move people to take action and buy products or services.


It usually means that the customers have been moved emotionally; that whatever marketing technique was used, it convinced them that they needed the product right now to solve their problem or enhance their business success or lifestyle.



Marketing uses “the secret” to move people to buy.


Now, before we run off and try using the secret, we have to become the right kind of “transmitters.” Our marketing must match our inner thoughts.



In other words, if we make a claim that is not true and we know it’s not true, it will be communicated to the prospect. If we find a marketing technique that we sincerely resonate with and become proficient at applying, then people will be drawn to us like a magnet.


Again, we must solve a problem or provide a service the customers are looking for.


How do we find what they’re looking for? Look back in time to when you were starting out and ask yourself what really helped you get the results you wanted at that time? Do you believe you can help someone else get those results?


That’s what it’s all about.


Truth and integrity are a must, otherwise our marketing falls flat and people stop believing what you say and that means starting all over.


So the secret to wealth is the way you think.


Yes, the way you think and how it affects others.


For fantastic instruction on how to think in a way that can bring you what you want, I recommend you subscribe to the Inner Circle, an audio library of real stories of our fellow entrepreneurs and their journey to success. It’s stunning how many of them struggled – just like I did – and found the way to focus their brainpower on the results that they wanted, and got there.


Here’s the link for the Inner Circle, Click here


The secret is the way you think. After all, all ideas came from a thought, and thinking creates the excitement and motivation to keep on going until that idea becomes a reality.


That’s all Thomas Edison ever did; he put his thoughts to work on his goal and persevered until he made it happen. And he LOVED the journey.


Here’s that link again, click here


Hey, have you read “The Secret?” Or “Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich?” Let me know in the comments – I’d love to discuss the ideas with you.



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