Thoughts After a Hurricane

Some of us here in Florida came through okay during Hurricane Matthew’s visit. Others not so much. What does this say about man’s ability to “cooperate” with Nature? We all know there’s a lot that can be improved in order to create a sustainable world for ourselves. But it takes guts to stand up for it against the thinking that began back in the industrial age. 







Do you want to change the world?


Do you think it CAN be changed?


Or do you feel that things will never change?


Watch the video below by my mentor Dave Wood as he talks of Man’s disharmony with nature and how we can absolutely change things, starting with ourselves.


Dave Wood speaks


Hey, did you watch it? Incredible, huh?



This is one of the most powerful “rants” I’ve ever heard. He has pulled together pieces of philosophy that have been talked about by Thoreau, Paine, Hegel, Cousteau, and many others about how humans have dealt with our environment and how our manipulation of that environment  rarely has been beneficial to us in the long term.



In short, we have allowed insistent people to manipulate our thinking over thousands of years to the point of believing the “story” of how mankind can rise above Nature. Really? Have we risen above nature?

We were the ones who corrupted parts of Nature with our inability to cooperate and live in harmony with Nature. In our disharmony with our natural world, humans decided to think only of the present time and place without regard to the long-term effects of everything we do.

We continue to build houses and buildings that do not last, and in locations not conducive to long-term structures; we rape forests and oceans so that the oxygen-creating trees are decimated for future generations; the fish we eat are poisoned or genetically mutated. We create building materials, engines, and additives in our food that are poisonous to our systems.

We insist on altering the natural flow of rivers so that we can live on their banks; likewise the coastal areas of our country where nature is taking her natural course of give and take, then complain when she takes our houses in a storm or erodes our beaches where natural dunes have been leveled so that we have a “view.”




We are also genetically mutated after storing thousands of years of disharmony to the point of contracting “dis-ease” and horrible maladies that make miserable. Why else would children contract cancers and heart ailments and brain tumors and ADHD?



In the past, when I contemplated this disharmony with nature, I failed to see how we could possibly undo the damage we’ve wrought for thousands of years. Quite honestly, I would not want to go back to hunting for food or spend 3 or 4 days doing laundry by the side of a river.

That’s where Dave Wood’s genius comes into play. We probably won’t have to resort to hunting and gathering. With an ability to earn a passive (sustainable) income online, it can free up time for us to expand our brain power and begin to correct the damage and stand strong against unsustainable practices in our environment.


Such as insisting on non-genetically manipulated foods as the norm instead of the expensive exception. By changing our diet back to a healthy one, and participating in practices that restore our connection to Nature, perhaps our previously addled brains can come up with other innovations that reverse our “progress.” We can make significant changes to our world and recreate that harmony with Nature that we need for peace of mind.



Today I want to commit to be the change I want to see in the world.


How about you?


Leave me a comment below – let’s start a dialogue!


Christy Kelly
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1 thought on “Thoughts After a Hurricane”

  1. Great rant! Very coherent and nicely phrased, enough that you could expand on this topic and create your own product with more details, options, and tips for how your readers COULD actually change the world. WTG, Christy!

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