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The bright side of writing or blogging for a living is doing it within the ambience of my own home.  Sure, I have to research subjects out in the world from time to time and do interviews, but who can argue with sitting at a laptop with birdsong coming down the chimney flue, air conditioning set at my comfort level, water and other refreshments at my fingertips?  And that’s even before confirming that I live in South Florida – a subtropical paradise with the best winter climate and year-round floral explosions of color and beauty. Talk about a case for gratitude.

Let’s talk about Florida for a minute.  I remember wondering, when I was still living in my hometown of Bethesda, Maryland, what it would be like to live in Florida, where it never snowed, palm trees lined the boulevards and beaches, live oaks with Spanish moss replaced the deciduous shade of northern neighborhoods, and the nearest beach only minutes away.  I pictured the Floridians playing tennis every day, boating, waterskiing, golfing, lying on the beach with a tropical drink, and basically enjoying a stress-free life.  There was a pretty girl from Florida who attended my college.  Her name was Janice and she had gorgeous blonde hair, a killer tan, white teeth, and was an up-and-coming tennis pro.  Her home was Fort Lauderdale, and the rest of us girls treated her like a celebrity.  We thought all Floridians must look like she did.  She must have thought we were nuts. 

My first trip to Florida was an eye-opener.  The family with whom I stayed was as pale as I was (which is pretty pale) except the father, who played golf regularly.  When I inquired how often they went to the beach, the answer was once or twice a year.  I was amazed at this.  I would kill for a shortened trip to Ocean City, Maryland from Bethesda and go every weekend, and here they had a beach, no, beachES – plural – a mere 30 minutes away and yet they only visited when they had northern visitors!  Just goes to show you.

Although I have lived near Florida beaches over 30 years, I take advantage of them at least twice a month, if not more often, except during the hottest months – July through Sept.  You may as well be in Iraq. You’ll burn your bare feet and there’s no cooling off in the water; jumping into an 87 degree Gulf of Mexico or 80 degree Atlantic is like taking a hot bath.

However, back to writing.  Everyone must make an income, right?  Either you sell a product, an idea, or teach a useful skill or provide training or knowledge.  These endeavors must provide an adequate income, which is quite relative depending how well-off you are.

I can honestly say that I’ve enjoyed the many jobs I’ve had since college: radio newsperson, office girl Friday, radio stringer reporter, research assistant, newsletter editor, proofreader, Congressional caseworker (knowledge of those pesky government acronyms came in handy!), legislative and federal grants go-to person, economic development champion of small business, among other volunteer endeavors.

What has been the common denominator in all of these jobs has been writing. All kinds of writing, mind you.  And I’ve loved that part of every job.  SO, why not make writing THE job?  That’s what I’m doing by using the incredible tools at Empower Network.   For example, I’ll read a newspaper columnist in the Editorial section and think of a way to embellish the ideas and continue the conversation.  That’s one way things can evolve and be changed in this world.  Without an exchange of ideas there will be no consensus, no growth, no exploration of new concepts.  Even if you never talk to a soul, when you put your ideas out there in writing, you are talking to more than a soul – potentially you are talking to the world.  This gives me goose bumps.

The tools are here at Empower Network to help you get those ideas out, whether about your own business, or your thoughts on turtles, Obamacare, M&Ms, street signs, whatever.  There is a whole blogging platform that‘s easy to use, as well as training programs from some of the best salespeople to help you grow your business as well as help you reach the customers or audience you want.  And, you can have as many blogs as you want – one for every business, without having to have multiple websites.  Incredible!

Take the opportunity to get your message out there.  Opportunity is knocking on your door or you wouldn’t be reading this.  Click here to find out – Opportunity Knocking.  Remember, your ideas could resonate with another person who could take them farther than you ever dreamed.  Someone will listen, trust me.



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