Turn Off the Garbage

Consider this….

Ever hear the adage that we are judged by the company we keep?

That’s fairly straightforward.

How about the hobbies we have or the books we read or the musi
we listen to, or the programs or movies we watch?

Years ago, I became aware that I wasn’t sleeping that well after watching the 11:00 news right before hitting the sack. The images I had seen just before going to sleep were those of battered women, crash sites, people being arrested, courtroom scenes, and emaciated animals.

While I was caught by the desire on to stay informed, I had the equally important desire to not end my day with awful images that conjure up fear, disgust, sorrow and hopelessness for our community or our world.

So I stopped watching the news in the evening.

Why would someone want to surround themselves with stories of heartbreak, terror and pain? Even the commercials speak of health problems, situations calling for lawsuits, insurance against accidents, burglaries, fires. It makes you want to pull the bedcovers over your head and hide!

In the morning, I read inspirational literature or meditate, or do stretches to get the kinks out, pet my cats. I glance through the newspaper or a news site online just to see if there is anything I need to be aware of, like a boil-water notice, or a weather warning. (I do live in Florida – and it’s hurricane season.)

I have a lifestyle dream (written down) that I read every morning and every night. It contains my vision of the lifestyle I wish to live, complete with pictures and text. I conduct myself throughout the day with that goal in mind, with the outlook that I have already reached it. Often, I’m flooded with the feelings of satisfaction that came with that accomplishment. I rarely waste time, and I sometimes have to make myself take breaks to eat or sleep.

That’s the happiness that comes from knowing you’re doing everything you can to reach your dream. If you are taking action to reach your dream, your journey becomes one you look forward to. It inspires you to put in the effort required.

The best thing you can do is surround yourself with pictures, books and images that remind you of your dream, your vision. Don’t pollute your vision with garbage, And don’t wait to pursue it “until the right time” or “when I have some money” or when the stars are aligned in the heavens.

Your time is when you say it is. You alone can determine your vision, You can tell yourself, “I will do this because this is what brings a smile
to my face, energy to my body, and light to my eyes.”

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