Use the Stupid Sunscreen!

Hi  there,

I’m back in the world of the blog
following some real invasive surgery
on my face (sob!) for skin cancer.


Listen up, you people who refuse
to use SPF 30 or above when
you’re outside, it’s after 30 years
that the damage of sunbathing
rears its ugly head. You don’t want
to go get biopsys then return for
excisions, or, in the case of a
delicate area like your face, a
plastic surgeon…  such fun!


Ow, Ow, Ow. Needles, needles,
needles administering local anesthetic,
then the sound of someone scraping
your face, then sewing it back together.


A few days later the swelling begins,
around the eyes, the incisions, turning
your skin yellowish or even black and blue.


I consider myself fortunate that
this type of cancer (basal cell) was
not the fatal kind, nevertheless
it is invasive and must be removed
or it will continue to grow.

So, for Halloween I can either go
as Frankenstein’s monster, or a pirate
– I have a suture line right across my
cheek as well as one at my hairline
across my forehead.


If you’re in your 20s and you
burn easily, I’m warning you,
there’s no turning back once
damage is done.

Just put the stupid sunscreen
on every two hours or after
swimming and you should be


Love, Mom

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