Ways to Get Through the Stressful Season

Hope you’re making the best of 
this crazy time of year. There’s
so much to be done, families are
busy, and our routines are
interrupted big-time.

Some people revel in these pre-
parations, absolutely delighting
in the holidays and those activities
that they would rather be doing
instead of the routine activities of life.

But some people push back and dread
these extra time-consuming activities,
especially when they’re trying to launch
an online business. They and moan and
groan and stress-out that they’ll never
get it all done; or their mother-in-law
won’t appreciate their efforts; their
children will be disappointed, etc.

What’s the difference between these folks? 

I was one of those folks who moaned
and groaned. It happened to me at a
particularly bad period in my life. What
was I doing? I was berating myself for
being a future failure!

What? Are you kidding me?  

I plead temporary insanity…

Now, if I set the intention that I will
get 6 things done on a particular day,
my mind and body will absolutely make
it happen.

Please remember that we all have
gifts to give this world; our imaginations
are fertile ground for the greatest
ideas ever thought of, and if we keep
that ground fertilized with positive
thoughts and attitudes, who knows
what we might come up with!

During a recent mindset call, Paul Hutchins
mentioned the start of the Coca-Cola
empire with the inspiration of a
chemist who concocted the formula
for a great thirst-quenching fizzy drink.

But here’s the rest of that story.
Yes, this chemist had that great idea
and a great product, but there his vision
ended. He sold the formula to someone
else, who then built the incredible
Coca-Cola empire that we know today.

So set your intention each day, without
setting limits on your vision. You never
know where it will take you!

Did I forget to mention something?
Let me know by commenting on this blog.

Have a Great December!
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