Ways to Obtain the Creative Mindset

4094631471_acbdf6edda_zOne of the main concepts stressed by many successful entrepreneurs is that in order to be successful at anything, your outside expression and outlook needs to match what is on the inside. In other words, you can’t fake it on the outside and expect to be successful for any length of time. People will see through it.

That’s why it is paramount that we take time for ourselves: our bodies, our mental health, in order to exude confidence, enthusiasm, willingness to be of service through our business. We want to attract people to our ourselves and our businesses by showing people how we can help them attain their goal or solve their problem. This goes along with creating solid relationships with our customers, co-workers, vendors, financiers, etc.

So, how do we really accomplish this balance of personality and mental grounding and confidence? Well, we all know when we are feeling our best, ready to tackle the world, get things done, look like a million bucks and feel it inside. So rewind the memory; how did we get there?

Was it by getting a good night’s rest?

Eating healthy, nutritional foods? Did we curb our alcohol intake?

Maybe it was having that dessert the night before that we’d been craving all week. Nothing wrong with giving ourselves a treat once in a while.

Maybe we took the time to exercise. Exercise increases our energy even if it’s only a 10 minute session.1287578307_86aa5c1ff4_o

Maybe it was speaking to a mentor, a coach, or listening to a webinar that got us in that groove that sparks our creative juices.

Whatever it is, or whether it was one thing or several, take a conscious inventory of what it is you need to get in that creative, confident space. Then it will become more likely that you will attract the kind of people with whom you can work, serve, and solve problems.

Not only that, whatever you may be working on becomes that much clearer; your tasks become clear and improved concentration will return. 

And remember, sometimes it only takes 5 minutes to get that pepped up feeling back. Getting up and moving, calling a friend or mentor, or reading one of the gazillion books that teach us about motivation, business success, planning, or self-care can usually do the trick!

Tao Te Ching
I start my day with reading pages from the Tao te’ Ching, and Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” – both of which focus on the absolute power of thought. If my thoughts remain scattered and unfocused, I listen to music which can inspire and energize me.

The Tao Te Ching is a set of 81 verses that express the most optimal way of living one’s life in peace and harmony with our environment and other people. They were written over 2500 years ago by Lao-Tzu, a Chinese prophet and they are still relevant today.  I chose to read the interpretation of these verses done by Dr. Wayne Dyer in his book “Change Your Thoughts; Change Your Life.”

Lao-Tzu counsels us to live cooperatively, not competitively, meaning approach one’s business not from a competitive mindset, but with focus on the customer – how we can serve them, help him resolve an issue or a problem. This attitude brings so many more gifts into our lives, just by way of attraction of like-minded people and situations.

Every one of us is important to the world. I don’t mean that everybody in the world needs to know about you, but the vibrations that we put out into the ether contribute either to the wellbeing or negative attitudes of those around us who receive those vibrations. And don’t forget we, too, are one of those people who receives those vibrations.

14603777639_74d05cf40a_zI’ll never forget the job I had at a place where massive cutbacks and layoffs were being planned. When I would walk into the building or walk down the hall, I could feel the depression, the sadness, despair and anger in the air! It was then that I truly realized the power that thoughts have over people and how hard it can be to feel differently than that which surrounds us.

If we don’t take time to take care of ourselves, it usually means that we don’t feel it’s worth the time. But what does that say to ourselves and others? We are not worth the time! Why would customers be attracted to someone who doesn’t feel worth the time to care for themselves?

There are many ways to bolster ourselves to continue our journey despite problems that arise. I would recommend listening to stories of other successful entrepreneurs: there are many audio files in the Inner Circle at the link below. These audios are powerful, true and valuable stores of knowledge, experience, mindfulness, motivation, and proof that the mind has fantastic healing power to make your dreams come to fruition.

Please click on the link below to take a listen. I believe you will find the Inner Circle a welcome oasis in a sea of noise out there.



Christy Kelly


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