Who Do You Listen To?




Have you considered who you listen to with respect to starting or operating a successful online business?

As you know there are thousands of books on the subject of business success, entrepreneurship, making money online, getting rich, obtaining wealth, etc. Do you research the author of any of these publications to see if they are rich? Have they taken their own advice?


Or are they making their income selling books and audios and lectures?

A great many of these so-called experts are expounding theories concerning wealth-building, getting rich and operating truly successful businesses. So many times, the advice sounds wonderful, doable, and understandable. Sometimes we even think, “Golly, I could have thought of that myself!”  But is there proof that the advice actually works?

On the other hand, some books contain strategies, step-by-step instructions and stories of success.

But are these stories about real people? Or are they made-up scenarios meant to inspire you to buy the manual and carry out the instructions? If the stories are about real people, did they actually enlist the methods expounded upon by the author?

You might ask whether the books written by successful people like Donald Trump, Warren Buffett, or Bill Gates are valid? My question back to you is, did they actually write the book? The majority of the time the answer is no. The book may have their name on it, but was actually written by a ghostwriter who interviewed these successful people, but then wrote their own opinions about how the subject entrepreneur acquired success.

In the end, someone like Donald Trump would have no idea what is in the book; had no hand in writing it; and no idea whether the information is accurate or complete!  And why should he care? Donald Trump isn’t in the business of book-selling. He’s running his business – following his own path of wealth-building, or running for president…

If you’re thinking this advice is basic, you’re right. But how tempting is it to pick up the latest tome promising to expose “the secrets to great wealth, etc.?” The evidence suggests it’s very tempting. People are devouring these books no matter who has written them or whether they have been successful at wealth-building or business plans or entrepreneurship. Just look at the plethora of publications that 5440384453_4669d0096b_zcontinue to flood the bookstores, the Internet and the number of seminars that continue to draw crowds of eager listeners.


So, who do you listen to?

You listen to the people who have carried out what they are teaching and have been successful!

Authors such as Napoleon Hill, who gathered real evidence of the methods used by some of the most successful individuals on the planet in the late 19th and early 20th century. In his books “Think and Grow Rich” and the “Laws of Success in Sixteen Lessons,” Hill recounts how industrial giants like Andrew Carnegie and Henry Ford used the principles of the Master Mind and employed principles such as Accurate Thought to further their success and attract riches.

Ever Heard of Andrew Carnegie?

Andrew Carnegie was the one who in the latter part of the 19th century asked Napoleon Hill to study the lives of the wealthiest individuals and record the commonalities that could be used to teach others the ways of success. Before that time it was very difficult to nail down the reasons why certain people were successful and others were not.

Napoleon Hill who, over a period of 25 years, gathered real evidence of the methods used by the most successful individuals on the planet in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. In his books “Think and Grow Rich” and the “Laws of Success in Sixteen Lessons,” Hill recounts how industrial giants like Carnegie and Henry Ford and Harvey Firestone used principles such as the Master Mind and employed other common methods like Accurate Thought to further their success and attract riches.

Now that we’re in the 21st century, who do we listen to? Who are the successful people in the online business world?


Chris Jones and David Wood
Chris Jones and David Wood



David Wood and Chris Jones, for two, are CEOs of Empower Network. Both are multi-millionaires. Fifteen other millionaires in Empower Network are leaders who have been following David Wood’s methods and employing his mindset for business-building online. These leaders are continually creating new leaders by teaching and mentoring those who are open and teachable. Here’s a screenshot of the results of one of these leaders who happens to be a mentor of mine, Mike Hobbs: (Results not typical: see our income information at www.empowernetwork.com/income.)





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Who do you listen to?


Christy Kelly

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