Who Does This!?

When was the last time your corporate boss, the head man, the big cheese, took time to sit down with you, face-to-face, and walk you through the strategies for success and answer your questions until 4 in the morning?


Mine did last night.


He not only explained the tools for success that his company gurus have created, but how to use them, what you can expect from which method.


His name? David Wood.


He’s not really my boss, because we all have our own businesses, but he was the one who launched the affiliate system Empower Network – the system we use to earn money online.


He also explained the reasons why the system was created in the first place: because he wants to see brand-new, inexperienced people begin to make money online quickly.


That’s why the advancement of  Project Titan was born.


First, because normally it takes up to six months to learn the nuts and bolts of online marketing systems, not to mention developing the skills of getting people to buy.


Second, because during this learning period most people get discouraged and quit before they become successful.


Third, because he saw no reason why NEW PEOPLE couldn’t start making money quickly using his system while they were developing the skills to scale (expand) their business, no matter what their skill level was when they started.


I’ve been with this man since joining Empower Network at the end of 2013. I attended in Miami in 2014. There I learned the whole philosophy behind the creation of Empower Network.  I’ve been to 8 events since then.



David Wood, Founder of Empower Network and Project Titan, and me!
David Wood, Founder of Empower Network and Project Titan, and me!


And it wasn’t about the money.


It’s about getting other people (even this baby boomer) making money online so that we could quit our regular jobs, if we wanted to; have the time and money to do other things in our lives that our jobs and income prevented us from doing.


In short, having the freedom to live the life we wanted.


David Wood developed a system that set him free.


All of 35 years old now, David has led a very unusual life. He makes no bones about the fact that he was always different.


He keyed into his life purpose in his 20s. To find a way for people to earn a big income (legally, lol) without becoming a wage-slave.


After 7 years of failure in MLMs and other biz opps, he found himself broke, homeless, but still determined to find a way to earn passive income online.


He discovered a way to do it, developing applying strategies to market online using a blog.


He broke through – to the tune $30,000 per month. He wasn’t 30 years old yet.


That’s when he knew his life purpose – to find a way for anyone to earn a substantial income (legally, lol) without becoming a wage-slave.


In order to bring this purpose to fruition, he created a mastermind group of online wizards and successful marketers who were in MLMs and other entrepreneurial ventures.


Together they developed the Empower Network system and launched it in 2011.


Now they’ve made it even easier to earn an income online or offline with Project Titan.


We’re still in pre-launch, so we’re under a non-disclosure agreement until it’s public launch in mid-June.


But you can sign the non-disclosure agreement and take a look at Project Titan and its components by clicking here.


There are options for payment. AND, if you sell just one system, you’ll get your money back in a 100% commission.


I did! I was so excited I got my money back!


David Wood cares that we continue to earn online in our businesses, whatever they are – and he’s determine to give everyone that opportunity. That’s why he spent 6 hours with us, answering our questions about Project Titan.


Here’s the link again – to the greatest breakthrough product since Empower Network began.


Project Titan.


Lock in your spot before the price goes up when it is released to the public.


Let me know when you’ve watch the videos and I’ll send you an invite to our team Facebook group Freedom for Life.


Christy Kelly


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