Why Am I Here?

Seriously, when I first heard about the BlogBeast and Empowernetwork from a friend of mine, Diane Diamantis, my thought was, “Fabulous, a way to get a blog going that will be read!  I didn’t know anything about the company behind the blogging platform, or anything about the possibility of commissions etc.

If I had wanted to, I could have just signed up for the blogging platform and made two or three different blogs and use them for my Arbonne business, a creative outlet (I am and English major after all) and just mess around with it.  BUT, there was more to this blogging platform offer.  The guys behind the Beast know how to sell!  And they have products that will teach anyone how to be a success!

Yea, I was one of those who said, Nah, nah, I don’t wanna sell.  But when I really thought of it, people sell ALL THE TIME!  We sell ourselves to others! When you talk to someone about what you think about a product, you’re selling your opinion!   When you talk about what movie to see, or a book you read, or a video you watched, you’re selling your outlook!  If you discuss what kind of makeup to buy, you’re selling your experience!  We’re selling all the time – AND, we’re gathering other peoples’ opinion ALL THE TIME!  So why not receive commissions from sales that were made because of your own blog, or email or video or ad?  Generous commissions?  Yeah—- 100% commissions, my dear.  They figured out how to do it – I’m not arguing!

So I got over it.  I’m going for it – getting a web site, gonna blog for my Arbonne business and Empowernetwork’s sales products.  These guys have made a fortune using the programs that they are now offering for sale, and that’s proof enough for me.  Already the lessons provided have given me confidence that an ordinary person can do this.  Because we are all Extraordinarily Individual!

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