Wisdom Can Be Found Everywhere

Recently heard at a networking event:  Balance is Baloney.
They went on to say that life does not provide balance –
life prefers that you are on your toes, ready for anything.

Life is about choices you make, whether to keep on pushing
that rock uphill, taking a break to breathe, or even
changing your direction altogether.

If life provided balance, we could just sit on our cans and
eat chocolates. 
(Mmmmm – a nice balance to the days I’ve had recently.)

Remember 10 – 10 – 10. This means asking yourself 
these 3 questions:

1.   “Will this matter 10 minutes from now?”
2.   “Will this matter 10 days from now?”
3.   “Will this matter 10 years from now?”

(In my case I won’t even get to the third question
because I don’t remember anything after 10 days!)

Next, I heard: Make Time for Recreation.
I translate that to: Give Yourself Permission to Have Fun!

 Laughter is Essential.
Ever notice that if you see or read something that
makes you laugh just before you go to bed, you
sleep better? It’s true! I’ve done it. Try it!


For success to happen: Step Outside Your Comfort Zone.
This is a given. If you didn’t have to do this, at least
some of the time, we would all be millionaires!

(Now that would be boring; we’d all be standing in lines for 
luxury cars.)

Here’s a humdinger:  Rejection is Reality.

OK, I buy that. It happens to all of us. But thenI look at it this way:
I think about the times I’ve said no, even to cute little Girl Scouts
selling my favorite Thin Mint cookies. It wasn’t personal.

Whatever happens in your life or your business, remember this:

    If negative thoughts come calling, 

                    tell them you’ll let them in….

                                        but they can’t stay for tea!

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