Your Daily Actions Make the Difference

This is addressed to folks who want to change their lives by starting a business online. Or perhaps you’re one of those who have already begun a business and had some good results as friends and family bought what you’re selling, but now that momentum has dwindled down to nothing.

All entrepreneurs have been there at one time or another. For me it was like sitting on a sailboat in the middle of a bay with no breeze at all – just drifting, wondering how on earth I’m going to get back to the boat slip.

What this situation is telling us is that we must change what we’re doing to attract leads, prospects and customers.

Let’s make sure that some basics have been covered first.14805927729_85005e0e89_z

  1. Decide the product or service are you selling. Who is it geared to? Is it a physical product you need to have sent out or a digital product they can download? Do you have the mechanics/website in place to do that?
  2. Decide who you are trying to attract. In other words, who would be your ideal customer? How much disposable income do they need in order to purchase your product or service? What education level must they be to make use of what you’re offering?
  3. Is your product designed for just women or men or a certain age group?

All these things much be in your mind as you create your marketing plan and your daily action plan. (And I can’t stress enough the importance of taking action daily.)

When you select your target market, or your perfect customer, you have to be able to speak their language so that they relate to you. Having a great product is not enough; it’s not going to do the selling for you. There are many products out there – what makes the difference is YOU. You are the one your customer will be attracted to, because you are the one who understands and can solve their problem.

Remember the TV commercial years ago for Palmolive dishwashing liquid? You saw a warm and friendly nail technician named Madge who was explaining to her customers that she was soaking their nails in Palmolive dishwashing liquid because it cleansed their hands without drying out their skin.


It’s been a few decades since I’ve seen that commercial, but I remember Madge as if it was yesterday. It was her friendliness, her empathy for her customer who wanted beautiful skin, and her confidence that Palmolive was the way to go that sold that product.

That’s the way you must come across to your customer so that they will take a look at your offer and believe in its benefit to them.

So when it comes to a daily action plan, you must select certain actions to take each and every day that you will stick with so you are consistently communicating with new leads and prospective customers.

Action Item #1 is to create and/or expose new content on a daily basis. You want to keep the attention of your prospects and new leads coming in by providing valuable information (content) to them so that they get to know you and turn to you for this value.

Some ideas include creating a video, an audio, sending out an email or blog post that can be posted to social media and emailed to prospects on your list. Also, you can boost content you already have out there by sending it to new prospects on your list.

This content shouldn’t only be pitching your product; people get tired of that real fast. They have to get to know you first; what you’re about, why you do what you do, what you know about the problems they have, etc.

Depending on the product or service you are marketing, you can send out helpful hints that offer solutions to problems people have; copy and paste an inspirational message from a Facebook post you like; pass on information or wisdom you learned from a book authored by a leading entrepreneur or a mentor you follow.

Subscribe to other email lists, Facebook groups and Twitter groups and post your content and comment and share other people’s valuable content so that you become a known entity on those platforms.

It might take a little while for people to start following you, but if you stay consistent, you could have quite a few readers at the end of just a few months. Eventually, people will opt-in to your lead capture pages (which we will cover in a future post) or become a subscriber and share your content with other people.

A blog post is a good way to get content out there, and if you don’t have a blog platform yet I have posted a link below for the platform I have been using for 3 years now. It has built in tools for sending posts out as well as emails and social media messages.

What Content Should You Send?

You can tell your readers about a problem you had and how you solved it and pass on helpful insights from your experience.

It doesn’t have to be a problem, either. You can relate a funny story about something that happened to you. I do a “rant” every month where I relate funny and frustrating things that happened that month. People love it when someone shows how human they are. Friday Night Rant.

In my next post I’ll share information about sharing images legally, finding inspiration to share and some great books to read.


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